• Why Eating Better Starts With Changing Our Work Habits
  • Lingerie Has A Diversity Problem. This Brand Is Changing It.
  • Eric Cantona believes Didier Deschamps may have left out France players on racial grounds
  • What Trump Knew About Kardashian U
  • Reboot: Adidas to make shoes in Germany again  but using robots

Why Eating Better Starts With Changing Our Work Habits

What would you say are the defining characteristics of the American eater? If you look at our obesity rates, they’d suggest were mostly overeaters. But beyond that, the question is tougher. Its not so much that we lack a U.S. food personality if anything, we have multiple, conflicting ones. At the same time, more consumers are demanding that their food be natural, organic and GMO-free, even as Taco Bell sells…


Lingerie Has A Diversity Problem. This Brand Is Changing It.

The concept of “nude” has long referred only to pale tones when it comes to cosmetics and clothing. Thanks to efforts by both small and large brands, the term has started to become more inclusive of what’s nude for everyone.  But the desire for diverse options when it comes to skin tones is not limited to shoes, outwear and makeup: There’s a need for nude underneath, too. Enter Naja, a lingerie…


Eric Cantona believes Didier Deschamps may have left out France players on racial grounds

Eric Cantona has controversially suggested the ethnicity of Karim Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa may have been factors in the France manager Didier Deschamps leaving the pair out of his squad for next months European Championship Eric Cantona has controversially suggested the ethnicity of Karim Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa may have been a factor in the France manager Didier Deschamps questioned by police in connection with an alleged attempt…


What Trump Knew About Kardashian U

The flashy for-profit European School for Economics sold a get-rich-quick dream of luxury, aligning its brand with the Trump nameeven as it ran into trouble with debt collectors and the law. “> Part 1: The Shady Crew Behind Kris Jenner U Plus: UPDATE: Kris Jenner U Scrubs Its Social Media After Daily Beast Expos In 2012, the European School for Economicsa high-priced for-profit business school often operating at the edges…


Reboot: Adidas to make shoes in Germany again but using robots

Company unveils new factory in Germany that will use machines to make shoes instead of humans in Asia Adidas, the German maker of sportswear and equipment, has announced it will start marketing its first series of shoes manufactured by robots in Germany from 2017. More than 20 years after Adidas ceased production activities in Germany and moved them to Asia, chief executive Herbert Hainer unveiled to the press the groups…


5 Ways Bernie Sanders May Impact The Democratic Party Platform

Every four years, as Democrats and Republicans plan for their national conventions, party leaders come together to decide on how to best dust off and shine up their respective parties’ platform — that catch-all proclamation that signals their political priorities and policy goals. Typically, the publication of these platforms results in a couple days of news stories, in which noteworthy alterations are documented and the other side levies partisan objections….


Who is ‘Mrs M&S’? – BBC News

Image copyright Thinkstock Marks and Spencer boss Steve Rowe says he is determined to revive the High Street giant by getting back in touch with the core female customers he has labelled “Mrs M&S”. But who exactly is he talking about? According to Mr Rowe this apparently married woman wants “stylish contemporary clothing”. He adds: “We need to cherish and celebrate her and make sure we’re giving her exactly what…


Pegida activists protest at images of non-white German footballers on Kinder bars

Members of anti-refugee group protest against marketing campaign preceding European championships this summer Supporters of Germanys anti-immigration movement Pegida have expressed outrage that the blue-eyed blond boys on the packaging of Kinder chocolate bars are being replaced by children of African and Middle Eastern appearance seemingly unaware that they are childhood photographs of players in their own national football team. A photograph of two boxes of the chocolate bar one…


EA Sports Is Betting Millions You’ll Watch This Guy Play ‘FIFA’

NEW YORK — Mohamad Al-Bacha was shook. He stared blankly out over the capacity crowd of 1,500 in Harlems famed Apollo Theater, dropped his Xbox controller onto his lap, bent at the waist and buried his head in his hands. Al-Bacha, a 17-year-old from Denmark, had cruised through the first two days of the FIFA Interactive World Cup — the video game equivalent of soccers biggest spectacle — without so…


MLB star Tony Gwynn’s family sues tobacco industry over his death | Fox News

The San Diego Padres’ Tony Gwynn in 2001. (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi, File) Tony Gwynn’s widow and two children filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to hold the tobacco industry accountable for the Hall of Famer’s death. The suit was filed in San Diego Superior Court by Alicia Gwynn and her children, Tony Jr. and Anisha Gwynn-Jones. The suit says Gwynn started dipping as a 17-year-old freshman ballplayer at San Diego State….


Eric Cantona: I love Jos Mourinho but he is not Manchester United

The French legend, in an exclusive interview on his 50th birthday, says Pep Guardiola is the only manager capable of changing Manchester and explains why he will be cheering on England at Euro 2016 not France Eric Cantona turned 50 on Tuesday and is still doing what he has always done best: playing the part of Eric Cantona to a tee. For Manchester United fans still digesting the end of…


‘Ghost tower’ bought up by foreign money is symbol of housing crisis

Exclusive: Russian billionaire and Kyrgyz tycoon among owners of often empty flats at Londons St George Wharf skyscraper A Russian billionaire whose business partner is a close ally of Vladimir Putin, the former chairman of a defunct Nigerian bank and a Kyrgyz vodka tycoon appear to be among more than 130 foreign buyers in Britains tallest residential skyscraper. Almost two-thirds of homes in the Tower, a 50-storey apartment complex in…


German coffee company crushes American family’s dream | Fox News

When folks around Beulah, Michigan get a hankering to eat breakfast for dinner, theyll more often than not head over to the Blue Caribou Caf and order a Hypocrite Omelet. (Thats a vegetarian omelet with your choice of meat.) Ever since it opened nearly two years ago, the Blue Caribou Caf has become a gathering place for locals and tourists in this resort town on the shores of Northern Michigans…


Do women really need a beer made just for them?

Youve come a long way, baby, To get where you got to today. Youve got your own IPA now, baby. Youve come a long, long way. It was hardly for the better, but a cigarette designed for women became wildly successful nearly half a century ago.  Now some companies are hoping to have the same marketing success without the disastrous health effects with a much safer and more pleasant vice…


What if your favorite musician, architect and fashion designer were all the same person?

(CNN)What if the next big thing in fashion wasn’t something wearable, but something all together different — something more? The idea of fashion designers drawing inspiration from other areas — be it music or art — is nothing new. But in recent years, the trend has accelerated, with designers forming real world collaborations with artists — think sportswear brand adidas and Pritzker prize architect Zaha Hadid, or Snarkitecture and COS…


Drum roll: Clinton unveils ‘stronger together’ slogan | Fox News

Hillary Clinton famously handed the Russians a red reset button when she took the helm as secretary of state. Now, shes hitting that same button on her campaign message unveiling a new slogan as she struggles to simultaneously heal divisions in the party and take on a surging Donald Trump. That slogan? Stronger Together. The Democratic presidential front-runner repeatedly used that phrase in a weekend interview, when asked to explain…