• Petraeus: ‘Five years ago, I made a serious mistake’
  • 50 legit ways you can earn some extra cash from home
  • College Student Accidentally Professes Love To TA In An Email After Wisdom Teeth Surgery
  • London’s child intensive care units told to delay surgery – BBC News
  • You’ll Never See The Twist In This Gun Violence PSA Coming

Petraeus: ‘Five years ago, I made a serious mistake’

Washington (CNN)David Petraeus made a last-ditch effort Sunday to show President-elect Donald Trump that his guilty plea for revealing classified information to his mistress and biographer shouldn’t disqualify him from serving as America’s top diplomat. Petraeus, the former general and CIA director, was asked on ABC’s “This Week” what he would say to Republican senators who are hesitant to vote to confirm a man who pled guilty to exactly what…


50 legit ways you can earn some extra cash from home

Image: ladysuzi Whether youre a stay-at-home parent, college student, or just looking to pay down your debt, we could all use some extra cash. While we could find a part-time gig, like driving for Uber, or start earning a passive income through affiliate marketing, wouldnt be it nice if you were able to make some fast cash from the friendly confines of your home? That may sound too good to…


College Student Accidentally Professes Love To TA In An Email After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Many of us have enjoyed a giggle or two at the expense of someone who just got their wisdom teeth out and isn’t exactly firing from all cylinders. Side effects of the pain medication seem to include things like breaking out into dance, going on nonsensical rants or in this case, emailing your philosophy teacher’s assistant asking for an extension and telling him that you love him. That’s right. 19-year-old…


London’s child intensive care units told to delay surgery – BBC News

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You’ll Never See The Twist In This Gun Violence PSA Coming

As we approach the four-year anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a new gun violence PSA is urging viewers to open their eyes to the early warning signs of potentially dangerous behavior. After their 6-year-old sons were killed in the shooting, Newtown parents Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden teamed up with other victims’ loved ones and community members to create Sandy Hook Promise a nonprofit that…


Obama Administration Takes New Steps To Support Youth In Prison

If you’re young and caught up in the justice system, most likely you’re stuck with subpar educational opportunities too. Students in prison, jail, detention centers or correctional facilities often receive fewer days of instruction than their peers, less access to math and science classes, and more teacher absenteeism, according to federal data released Friday.  In one of the last moves of the Obama administration’s Department of Education, it drew attention…


Trump’s Education Secretary Pick Wants To Make Christianity A Bigger Part Of Schooling

Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, spoke at a 2001 conference with her husband, Dick, about using educational philanthropy to promote their conservative Christian worldview to children. The conference was hosted by The Gathering, a group of elite Christian philanthropists. Researcher Bruce Wilson, co-founder of the website Talk To Action, unearthed the audio after going through archives on The Gathering’s website. The recordings have since become unavailable, but a…


Spotlight on Ghana: an overview of the country’s key statistics ahead of the election

(CNN)With just one week to go until the West African nation takes to the polls on December 7, 2016, CNN Africa takes a look at some key figures for growth and development. Join our #CNNGhanaWeek for more about the election, related issues and profiles of the people shaking up the country as #GhanaDecides. Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/02/africa/ghana-in-numbers/index.html Recommended ProductsRebake Video Edition OTO2 Rebake Video Edition OTO2WP Theme Ultima Agency Ultimate Collection…


I Am A College Graduate And A Fast-Food Worker

(I am not writing this for sympathy, but simply to advocate for what I have experienced over the past few months) Tuesdays national #FightFor15 protests have sparked-yet again- the good ole who deserves more money debate on my timeline. Ive always supported the increase in minimum wage for everyone including fast-food workers and my stance has not changed. However, its been improved. I graduated with my bachelors in journalism with…


A Sweeping Reform Of The Foster Care System Is Hanging By A Thread

For at least a decade, Burr’s fellow Republican, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, has been working toward reforming foster care. would be severely limited. Through its , Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina encouraged its flock to call Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), who sits on the House Rules Committee that was taking one final look at the legislation ahead of their meeting on Tuesday. “Please pray for their meeting. Please pray…


After 22 years, Gambia’s Jammeh loses in election stunner

(CNN)He has ruled Gambia with an iron grip for the past 22 years, but President Yahya Jammeh has suffered a shock election defeat and will concede power to his opponent Adama Barrow, the country’s electoral commission told CNN. Joseph Colley, director of communications for the commission, said: “The President will make a television statement conceding the election within the next three hours.”


Let’s Talk About The Natural Hair That Slayed The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Gorgeous curls, coils and kinks made a few jaw-dropping appearances at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday in Paris.  Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images Several models of color ditched the hot combs, weaves and extensions to flawlessly rock their natural tresses as they strutted down the runway. Jourdana Phillips sported her fierce blond cut; Harieth Paul rocked her teeny weeny Afro; Alanna Arrington let her loose curls hang; and Maria…


Student Emails Her Teacher While Hopped Up On Drugs After Surgery

Well, someone gets an A+ for hilarity. An email that a college student wrote to her teacher while under the influence of hydrocodone, an opioid pain medication that can cause confusion, after dental surgery is going viral. Abby Jo Hamele, a 19-year-old student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, posted an email she doesn’t remember writing to Twitter on Nov. 21. The email has received over 48,000 likes and 17,000 retweets since. The…


Syrian man jailed over Hungary border riot despite pleading for calm

London (CNN)Thousands of refugees and migrants, most fleeing violence in the Middle East, mass at the sealed-off border, chanting “Open! Open!” They are desperate to cross into Hungary, but a razor-wire fence, temporary blockade and a line of riot police stand in their way. As tensions escalate, one voice rises above the fray: A balding, bearded man, wearing a black and white tracksuit top, attempts to negotiate with the officers….


HIV: Why young African women are most at risk

(CNN)The number of new HIV infections ‘is not declining’ and young women the world over are still at risk. “Young women are facing a triple threat; high risk of HIV infection, low rates of HIV testing and poor adherence to HIV treatment,” said Michel Sidib, USAID Executive Director said in his 2016 World AIDS Day message. Young women aged 15- 24 had the highest risk of being infected with HIV…


Gambians to cast votes with marbles instead of ballots

(CNN)As Gambians head to the polls on December 1, they will cast their vote for the next president, not with a ballot but with Gambia’s homegrown system to voter inclusionmarbles. The electoral commission praises the marble system for being more transparent, credible, and fair, allowing country’s illiterate citizens to vote. “Our electoral commission is second to none,” said Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission Chairman Alieu Momarr Njai in a press conference…


Illinois Will Teach Hairdressers To Recognize Victims Of Domestic Violence

That’s thanks to new legislation, signed by (R) this past August. The law, which appears to be the first legislation of its kind in the nation, will require all licensed beauty professionals to undergo training on domestic violence and sexual assault. Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding, and Nail Technology ActLicensed beauty professionals will be required to take the hourlong training every two years to renew their license. The idea for…


Some Teenagers Recreated Martin Shkreli’s Crazy-Expensive Drug For $20

When Martin Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, hiked up the price of a life-saving medication, one group of high school students saw an opportunity to do good. Eight teenagers from Sydney Grammar School in Australia have collaborated with scientists from the University of Sydney to reproduce the active ingredient in Daraprim, a drug whose price tag swelled from $13.50 to $750 last year. How much did it cost…


BuzzFeed CEO Argues Against UK Office Unionizing

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti is hoping he can change the minds of British employees who just decided to join a union. A majority of BuzzFeed UK’s editorial staff signed cards announcing they had elected to join Britain’s National Union of Journalists, BuzzFeed reported on Wednesday. Although the announcement amounts to a formal request for recognition of the union from management, United Kingdom labor laws mean workers don’t need their employer’s…


Colombian air traffic controller: ‘I did what was humanly possible’

(CNN)The air traffic controller who last spoke with the pilot of LaMia Flight 2933 before the plane crashed told her colleagues she did everything she could to keep the flight’s occupants alive. “I can affirm with absolute certainty that, for my part, I did what was humanly possible and technically required to preserve the lives of these users of air transport,” Yaneth Molina wrote in an email to fellow air…


Coconut Crab Claw Strength Rivals Lion’s Bite, Study Shows

Lions, tigers and crabs … oh my? Scientists measured the incredible strength of the coconut crab, the world’s largest terrestrial arthropod, for a study published last week in the journal PLOS One. The findings showed that the pinching force of the coconut crab was comparable to the bite force of some of nature’s most formidable predators, including lions. Coconut crabs, native to islands throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans, can climb trees,…


National Lottery accounts feared hacked – BBC News

“Camelot submitted a breach report to us last night which we have reviewed. We will be talking to Camelot today,” said a spokeswoman. “The Data Protection Act requires organisations to do all they can to keep personal data secure – that includes protecting it from cyberattacks. Where we find this has not happened, we can take action. “Organisations should be reminded that cybersecurity is a matter for the boardroom, not…


Facebook users want to ‘check-in’ from beyond the grave – BBC News

Updates after death could be responses to sympathies expressed or re-sharing old memories and pictures. People were also considering, but less bothered about, updates to Twitter (15%), Pinterest (5%) and Instagram (1.5%), the survey from Jackson Canter Group of lawyers found. Fond memories The firm recommended people nominate a social media manager in their will, typically their spouse, partner or child and to keep passwords in a sealed envelope. Wills…