David Fincher and Conan OBrien: Halo 4s Secret Weapons

A $100 million movie isnt cool. You know whats cool? A $500 million videogame.

At least thats what David Fincher, the acclaimed director of The Social Network, seems to think. According to two Microsoft executives who have spoken exclusively to The Daily Beast, the auteurs next big project isnt a movie, or even a trailer for one. Instead, Fincher has produced a mysterious, two-minute teaser for a videogame: Halo 4, the long-awaited sequel to Xboxs blockbuster action trilogy.

Fincher is a Halo fan. But its also a savvy move. The game may prove the biggest entertainment launch of 2012in any medium.

Other stars have taken note. Conan OBrien and Andy Richter are slated to voice two of the games minor characters. The franchise is even using the presidential race as a marketing opportunity. If you use your Xbox to watch three of the four debates, Halo 4 will reward your civic zeal with shiny warrior armorso you can eviscerate aliens, patriotically.

When Finchers trailer premieres on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Oct. 18, it will mark something of a renaissance for console gaming. As analysts presage the rise of mobile gaming and fall of bulky consoles, Microsoft is quietly planning a huge rollout for its most important launch of the year. It might just be gamings biggest coming-out party.

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