General election 2017: Greens ‘to hold Tories to account’ – BBC News

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Green MPs will hold Theresa May’s government to account should the Tories win the election, co-leader Caroline Lucas is to pledge later as she sets out her party’s key priorities.

The Greens say they have plans for a “confident and caring country”.

They say they want to “reverse the privatisation of the health service” and give Britons a referendum on the terms of a Brexit deal.

The party is expected to say young people have been let down by ministers.

Other plans due to be announced as part of the party’s so-called Green Guarantee include protecting the environment and bringing forward proposals for a universal basic income and a shorter working week.

Co-leaders Ms Lucas and Jonathan Bartley are set to focus on young people, claiming that a generation has been let down by a government “hell-bent on an extreme Brexit” and an economy that “fails the majority”.

The party will pledge to immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens, protect freedom of movement and give the British public, rather than just Parliament, the final say on any EU deal.

Mr Bartley, will say his party is “unapologetic” in fighting to remain close to Europe, and in defending free movement.

The Green Guarantee will also promise to “reverse the NHS funding gap”, in part paid for by scrapping Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

Ms Lucas will say: “Green MPs elected on 8 June can be trusted to protect our public services, fight for a close relationship with the EU and truly hold whoever is in government to account.

“If we do end up with a Tory government you can be sure that Green MPs will hold Theresa May’s feet to the fire.”

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