GIPHY Stickers will let you pack your messages full of movement

Your messages are about to get way more animated.
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GIPHY’s on a mission to put its irresistible GIFs everywhereso it just added yet another new way to shake up your messages and apps with more movement than ever.

Yes: GIPHY-powered stickers are coming to Android and iOS with a new app, appropriately called GIPHY Stickers. You’ll be able to search, download and even create your own animated stickers using the app, which came about after GIPHY’s acquisition of imoji, a sticker-centric platform that enabled users to create and share their own custom image packages.

The imoji app featured only static images before today. Now, you’ll be able to make its entire library of stickers shimmy and shake using the new and improved app (which includes an upgrade to the creation tool to make it easier to set your art in motion).

The app’s another step in GIPHY’s march to take over your textsit introduced Artist Sticker Packs earlier this month, which gave users 13 sets of animated stickers for iOS 10. GIPHY’s addition of imoji was initially reported by TechCrunch after a tipster spotted language on the sticker platform’s app that named Giphy Inc as its owner. Both companies confirmed the report, and GIPHY announced this morning that it absorbed imoji’s tech, team and content as a result of the acquisition. The new app is GIPHY’s first move with the sticker experts on board.

A look at the new app.

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In addition to all that, GIPHY’s also rolling out a new Stickers API for developers, so the functions can make their way into even more of our apps. The API could be a big help for app makers who want to add a little extra motion to their projects.

“Developers who want to bring sticker search to their apps will now have the easiest way to access the best content,” a GIPHY spokesperson said via email. “Stickers are the ultimate quick mode of communication, and since Apple launched iOS 10, they’re now an amazing way to annotate other content.”

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You can check out some of the new animations on the GIPHY Stickers channel on your browser, which is filled with ready-made GIFs for quick reactions, greetings and more.

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