Pikachu-themed batteries are too hot that’s why they’re being recalled

Image: Getty Images

Pikachu can’t recharge your phone any more.

The electric-type Pokmon and the world’s most recognisable electric rodent is now the face of the latest battery-related product recall.

The Pokmon Company which manages the Pokmon franchise released a warning yesterday on its website (link in Japanese) regarding two of its Pokmon-themed batteries, which were adorned with an image of Pikachu and the series’ Pokballs.

The Pokball-themed battery.

Image: The Pokemon Company

The Pikachu-themed battery.

Image: The Pokemon Company

Users have observed the batteries becoming abnormally hot and generating smoke, according to RocketNews24. The Pokmon Company has asked owners to refrain from using the batteries, which were made in collaboration with Tokyo-based electronics retailer Near Direct.

The batteries were only available through the Pokmon Center, Pokmon Store, Pokmon Center Online and Amazon in Japan, but have been found to be on sale on Amazon overseas and eBay. Batteries that were on sale between Sep. 16, 2016, and Feb. 13. 2017, are affected by the recall.

The Pokmon Company hasn’t said if it would accept returns from overseas users. Japanese users can get a full refund of the battery’s original price of 2,808 yen ($24.30) online here, or at Japanese Pokmon Center and Pokmon Store retail locations.

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