Sen. Gillibrand Has Perfect Response To Trump Campaign Misspelling Her Name

Pro tip: If youre going to send out an email decrying Democratic senators as radical liberals, make sure you spell their names right.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday tweeted a succinct, two-word response to a fundraising email sent out by President Donald Trumps team that referred to her as Kristen.

Actually, its Senator Gillibrand, if youre nasty.

The Trumpemailurged supporters to sign a petition calling on Gillibrand and a handful of other Democrats to halt efforts to block Trumps latest executive order on immigration.

As most Kristens and Kirstens of the world will tell you, its a common spelling error. But Trump and his team have established a pattern of such blunders. And, as HuffPosts Nick Wing pointed outlast week, that sloppiness hints at some bigger questions:

Look, everybody makes mistakes. To err is human. But to err with such a cavalier disregard for your own reputation is pretty damn irresponsible. And its no longer just a question of whether Trump and the people in his administration have a solid command of grade-school spelling.If nobody is copy-editing these dispatches, how can we be sure anybody is editing them for content, either?

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