DoD still using 8-inch floppies and other infrastructure horror stories from Jared Kushner

June 21, 2017

… boss (and father-in-law) might have tweeted the news: DoD running 50-year-old technology to run NUCLEAR opps: DISASTER! As head of the White House Department of Innovation, Kushner oversees a somewhat calmer group of tech geeks, many of whom have temporarily left the private sector to join the governments U.S. Digital Services (USDS). Formed by President Barack Obama in 2014, the group is currently led by acting Director Matt Cutts. The former Googler posted a USDS update on Medium on Friday, …


Rosenstein must recuse himself from involvement in Mueller probe

June 17, 2017

… justification for Comey’s surprise termination. Join us on Twitter and Facebook The solicitor general, the lawyer who represents the United States in cases before the Supreme Court, had better stay close to the phone. (Trump has nominated Noel Francisco for that post; the acting solicitor general is Jeffrey Wall.) Like his famous predecessor, the Nixon administration’s Robert Bork, who played a key role in the “Saturday Night Massacre,” the solicitor general …


Apple ad pushes environmentalism during NBA Finals

June 10, 2017

… self-importance that borders on self-parody. That tone works much better when applied to climate change’s colossal existential threat to life on Earth than, say, the Apple Pencil. Apple can also put its money where its mouth is. It’s positioned acting on climate change as a core value of the company. It already powers nearly all its data centers, offices and retail stores worldwide with renewable energy sources, and is working to clean up its vast supply chain in developing nations …


With A Flick Of His Mood, Trump Throws Allies Off Balance

June 7, 2017

… United States role in the world and are willing to change their policies accordingly. [Trump] seems to be fine being alone, and it may have benefits in the short term. But in the long term its going to cost us, Daalder said. In acting as if you cant trust anybody else in the world, no one will trust the United States. Hours before Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, European leaders put out a joint statement with China to reaffirm their commitment to its …


Has the North East forgotten Margaret Thatcher? – BBC News

The name doesn’t seem to mean much to them. It would have been a different story 36 years ago, when the Thatcher government closed Consett’s steel works, with the loss of 3,700 jobs. The devastation inflicted on this remote town high on the edge of the Pennines, where unemployment soared to 36%, made the national news and became a symbol of the harsh medicine the Thatcher government thought it had to administer to Britain’s heavy industries. It sowed the seeds for the …

May 21, 2017

Trump Reportedly Revealed Classified Info During Meeting With Russian Officials

… acting just like Russia. Hes also called on the Justice Department to investigate criminal leaks and accused former President Barack Obama, without any evidence, of leaking information. Mondays report is the latest in a series of revelations detailing Trumps unpredictable style while interacting with foreign counterparts. Those unscripted responses, in some cases even when dealing with longtime U.S. allies, have raised questions in foreign capitals about how reliable an ally the U.S. might …

May 16, 2017