Trump Wants Clean Water Rule Gone. Now Comes The Hard Part.

April 21, 2017

The president is trying to make good on that pledge. Nearly two months ago, Trump signed an executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency and the army Corps of Engineers to review and reconsider the Obama-era regulation that was widely celebrated by environmentalists and panned by industry groups and politicians in some states. The Supreme Court this month denied the administrations request to delay a case intended to sort out which court should handle litigation over the …


Britain’s ‘big bang’ in Heligoland, 70 years on – BBC News

April 19, 2017

… Britain.” The operation was carefully stage-managed – the old black and white pictures even include a close-up of a Royal Navy officer’s finger triggering the blast. Aerial footage shows the entire horizon erupting in a huge grey curtain of mud, sand and rock. For the Royal Navy and the British army of Occupation it was mission accomplished. Image caption Heligolander Olaf Ohlsen was 11 years old when the detonation took place Olaf says everyone knew that the explosion …


47,155 arrests: Turkey’s post-coup crackdown by the numbers

April 15, 2017

… force had been arrested. That number has since grown more than ten-fold. THE MILITARY Turkish authorities claim that an estimated 1.5% of the army were involved in the coup attempt. Thousands have been arrested, which has left the military dangerously understaffed, according to a senior officer in the Turkish military. THE JUDICIARY Just three days after the attempted coup, 200 top Turkish court officials, including members of the Supreme Court, had been taken into custody …


US sending ‘dozens’ more troops to Somalia

April 14, 2017

(CNN)The US is sending “dozens” of additional troops to Somalia to train and equip the Somali National army and the forces participating in the African Union Mission in Somalia there, a US military official confirmed Thursday. President Donald Trump last month granted additional authority to US Africa Command to conduct counterterrorism airstrikes against the terror group. The deployment was first reported by Voice of America. …


So, Bad News: Now Militants Are Using Drones as Projectiles

April 10, 2017

… forces on the move as well as our operating bases.” We’ve gotten a few glimpses of some of those systems in Iraq, where ISIS’s use of hobby drones as grenade bombers has prompted a rush for drone-killing tech. Jamming systems like Battelle’s DroneDefender rifle and the Blighter Anti-UAV Defence System have been spotted around the city of Mosul. And in Europe, the army has also begun to test the new experimental counter unmanned aircraft system mobile integrated …


UK troops in Estonia to deter ‘Russian aggression’ – BBC News

March 18, 2017

He said deploying troops was necessary “because of the increased Russian aggression that we’ve seen and the need to reassure our allies on the eastern side of Nato”. But Sir Michael insisted it was a “defensive deployment” and was not “designed to provoke or escalate”. Related Topics Estonia Nato British army Michael Fallon Royal Air Force More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsViking MPLR Annual 2017 Viking PLR is an …


Dubs amendment: Tory backing for council refugee audit – BBC News

March 7, 2017

… city of Aleppo, for years the scene of country’s worst fighting. His parents were so frightened that their only son would end up as a fighter, either for government forces or for the Syrian army, that they took the decision to get him out of the country. He told the BBC: “It was like a horror film, bombs every day, everybody scared, the only choice is to wait for death or leave.” In 2015, his parents paid people smugglers to transport Amir to Turkey. He was 15. He describes how …


Try Not To Laugh or Grin | Best Funny Cats Compilation 2017 – Funny Cat Videos

March 4, 2017

… videos for kids' to watch funny cat videos falling in water funny cat videos farting funny cat videos fail army funny cat videos for kids 2016 funny cat videos getting scared funny cat videos grumpy cat funny cat videos guava juice funny cat videos guns funny cat videos guaranteed ginger cat funny videos talking tom cat funny videos in gujarati funny guilty cat videos funny grey cat videos talking tom cat funny videos in garhwali funny cat videos hd funny cat videos hour long funny cat …


Will Dubai get the first Michelin Guide in the Middle East?

March 3, 2017

(CNN)Could Dubai be the first place in the Middle East to get a Michelin guide? That’s the rumor going around — and it was started by none other than Michael Ellis, international director of the Michelin Guide. At the last Global Restaurant Investment Forum he told attendees it was “only a matter of time” before an army of anonymous food inspectors would descend on the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, reports Time Out Dubai. …