Learn how to ace the new rules of the job application process

May 19, 2017

… them?‘” “Make sure you spend the time to ask those questions. Get to know the people you’re interviewing with, ask them what they enjoy about the company, what projects they’re working on, finding out more about the benefits, the perks, the traditions, the culture of the company all of that is fair game,” she adds. “You can both do that doing research online, but when you’re in the office look around. Is it an open floor plan? What’s the …


How to bring humanity and tech together: Innovators and advocates on hope for the future

May 18, 2017

Image: Shutterstock / whiteMocca The headlines are everywhere. Social media makes us narcissists. Screen time atrophies the brain. Work is inescapable. We sleep less, weigh more, and report higher levels of depression all thanks to the onslaught of tech. On the other hand, many of technologys benefits are undeniable: longer life spans, reduced poverty, and the democratization of both knowledge and opportunity. The question is: Can we bring humanity and tech into harmony? To find an answer, I …


Experts poke holes in marketing claims about fidget spinners

May 15, 2017

… evidence that those things work across the board,” Scott Kollins, a clinical psychologist and professor at Duke University, told NPR on Sunday. SEE ALSO: We, your child’s school, regret banning fidget spinners after seeing what toy came next That doesn’t mean the three-pronged plastic phenomena don’t provide any real benefits, or that parents and educators are wrong when they say it helps some children focus in the classroom. But retailers may be stretching the truth …


These stories show the importance of mentorship

May 13, 2017

… intelligent and engaging.”Despite Shenker’s many years in the business, she isn’t afraid to admit that she still benefits from this kind of help. As she says, “You are never too old to be mentored!” 2. Kelsey Nelson & Hallie Fisher Kelsey Nelson didn’t immediately click with Hallie Fisher, a manager several rungs above her on the corporate ladder at the small PR firm where they worked. “To be honest, I was terrified of her,” Nelson says.Nelson …


Fyre Festival basically just asked employees to work for free

May 13, 2017

… pointed out would also make them ineligible for unemployment benefits in most states. “So to be clear … payroll’s not happening, but we’re all kind of just we’re not being let go but … we’re just here?” one dumbfounded employee said, struggling to make sense of the absurd terms being offered. Eventually, McFarland said he’d check into the unemployment benefits issue, saying he wasn’t aware one must be fired to receive them, but it was …


Here’s what you can do to fight global warming, beyond changing lightbulbs

May 7, 2017

… behavioural science and marketing that values, not facts, are the currency of persuasion. Dont just talk about what is happening or needs to happen, talk about why it matters. Themes like jobs, national security, and public health and safety resonate widely with the American public. Clean energy, for instance, can offer a winning, all-American narrative about job creation, health benefits, and energy independence. You dont need to be a climate expert to talk about why you care. See here for how …


5 simple ways to destress after a long day

May 3, 2017

… everyday stresses and helps you cast them out? Stick on this jam. 4. Exercise The stress-relieving benefits of exercise are well documented – theres a reason working out is called blowing off steam. The endorphins produced when you exercise act as natural painkillers for both body and mind, allowing you to feel happier, calmer, and more able to tackle anything. You dont need to hit the gym religiously every day. Incorporating small amounts of exercise and activity into your lifestyle …


Leeches are sucking their way back into the medical field

May 1, 2017

… hours, until the anticoagulant chemicals wear off. Leech therapy was standard medical practice until the mid-1800s, and historical records show the treatment was common in Ancient Egyptian, Indian, Greek, and Arab cultures. But leeches fell out of favor with many doctors as claims about their healing effects proved to be hollow. Plus applying leeches is gross and uncomfortable. But a slew of scientific studies in recent years have shown that leeches do offer medical benefits in limited …


First coal-free day in Britain since Industrial Revolution – BBC News

April 22, 2017

Cordi O’Hara of the National Grid said: “To have the first working day without coal since the start of the industrial revolution is a watershed moment in how our energy system is changing. “The UK benefits from highly diverse and flexible sources of electricity. Our energy mix continues to change and National Grid adapts system operation to embrace these changes.” But Ms O’Hara says that while the country makes the transition to a low carbon system, coal remains …


Why are U.S. tech companies listing in Australia?

April 13, 2017

… has experience working with a U.S. company listing locally. There are benefits for the Australia exchange, too. It’s about “diversifying the menu,” as Collard put it. “We’ve got 2,200 listed companies on the exchange around 10 percent are foreign at the moment and there’s real demand for more foreign listings.” In fact, the ASX is actively wooing companies to list, not only in tech but healthcare and other fields through IPO roundtables held in places …


Treating people like, well, people is key to leadership here’s how

April 9, 2017

… percent of millennials prefer improved quality of work life over financial benefits. So, what does work? In short: people want to be treated like people especially at work. Thankfully, leading like a human comes down to three habits you can start practicing today. Commitment and the power of well done! When Stanford business professors James Baron and Michael Hannan concluded their expansive eight-year study of over 200 tech startups, one finding emerged. Their goal was to determine the most …


How taking the wrong funding will kill your business

March 29, 2017

… great power much more easily and shorten the time it took to start enjoying the benefits of the software. Once we really got the automation process in place, it changed interest and we knew we had something special. What can an entrepreneur do to ensure they have something investors may want to fund? Have a big problem to solve that involves a large segment of the market. Be prepared to go the distance with passion and tenacity to get through the barriers, especially one of the big barriers …


Here Are The Many Ways Trump Scares The Crap Out Of Democrats

March 25, 2017

… as the Russian president has been sanctioned for invading Ukraine and the U.S. intelligence community accused him of interfering in American politics. But perhaps the greatest fear is not just that president is OK with Russia undermining American democracy as long as it benefits Trump, but that he will undermine it himself. Many Democrats zeroed in on Trumps ongoing campaigns against the free press and independent judgesas the first points of evidence. Anyone who tries to destroy the press …


Brexit vote: Single market benefit ‘largely imaginary’ – BBC News

March 23, 2017

… later. What is Article 50? What happens next? Brexit: All you need to know What are your questions about the Brexit process? What are the trade options after Brexit? “The evidence shows that the disadvantages of non-membership of the EU and single market have been vastly exaggerated and that the supposed benefits of membership, whether for exports of goods and services, for productivity, for worldwide trade, or for employment, are largely imaginary,” the study said. “The …


You’ll either love or really hate the idea of a day spa for babies

March 21, 2017

… #perth A post shared by Baby Spa Perth, AUSTRALIA (@babyspaperth) on Dec 5, 2016 at 12:48am PST But it’s also full of benefits, according to the spa’s website. Hydrotherapy leads to an increase in “muscular and skeletal strength,” they write, “through the water’s gentle resistance.” Friday’s @babyspaperth with Baby Owen (@chingyou) #babyspa day for #babyo! #toocute #pamperedlilbub #tinytowkay @babyspaperth A post shared by Baby Spa …


The Story Of 2 Families And The Real-life Impact of Obamacare Repeal

March 20, 2017

… Secrists would struggle to find a policy with the comprehensive benefits they require, and even if they could find one, they would not be able to afford it. They would probably end up uninsured, struggling to get medical care they desperately need. This outcome isnt inevitable. There are ways to help the ACAs losers without hurting its winners. But those alternatives would involve different choices and trade-offs than Republicans are considering. Jennifer works part-time for a nonprofit …


Ive Been Married 20 Years. Now, My Wife Wants A Threesome With Her Best Friend

March 17, 2017

… important questions that touch on problems that we can all relate to. Last week, Italked aboutcrushing on a neighbor, sexual health stress, a friendship with benefits, and how to know if you’re moving too fast in a new romance. This week, I’ll tackle new topics, touching on a dad who keeps racking up DUIs, a teenage child grappling with identity issues, a dynamic duo of unkind exes, andwhether a threesome is ever a good idea. Scroll through below for my very best advice. And …