Grab joins Uber in making plans to offer helicopter rides in congested cities

June 15, 2017

… passengers over the weekend. Image: grabid/instagram But while novelty rides such as these have typically served as marketing stunts for both Grab and Uber, this is the first time Grab has said it’s seriously considering offering helicopter rides as a commercial service. Grab’s Indonesia marketing director, Mediko Azwar, was quoted by AFP saying the past weekend’s trial was part of a feasibility study, and that the company was “exploring the possibility” of the …


Apple ad pushes environmentalism during NBA Finals

June 10, 2017

Apple’s latest commercial is advertising the Earth. In a rare topical turn for the company, the ad makes a lofty appeal for environmentalism at a moment when such efforts face historic threats from Donald Trump’s administration. SEE ALSO: Apple will soon block autoplay videos and data tracking in Safari “Like it or not, for the moment, the Earth is where we make our stand,” the late astronomer Carl Sagan says in the ad’s voiceover. “It underscores the …


The best marketers are mad scientists

June 9, 2017

… Adwords, leading Kim to conclude that Google so greatly rewards high CTR/Quality Score ads (and conversely penalizes keywords with lousy CTRs) that an awesome hybrid solution becomes apparent: use your content marketing efforts to cover informational keywords with SEO content and commercial keywords via PPC. Sound mad? Dont worry, read Larrys case study and youll see how his experiments can help you save a lot of money on your next paid search campaign. 3. Dont work in silos Youll be using much …


reMarkable E-Ink tablet has papers number

June 1, 2017

… it supports 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, 512 levels of tilt awareness and palm rejection so you can rest your hand on the screen when writing. At this point, Im thinking reMarkable rises to the level of interesting, but not awesome. Electronic Ink is not a new technology and, with the exception of Amazon Kindle eReaders, its mostly of interest to sign makers who see the backlight-free, low-powered, reflective display technology as a potential boon in the commercial business display and …


Manchester United most valuable club in Europe, says KPMG – BBC News

May 31, 2017

“While this is partially explained by football’s broadcasting boom, the internationalisation of the clubs’ commercial operations, their investment into privately-owned and modern facilities, and overall more sustainable management practices, are also key reasons for this growth,” he said. “In terms of media rights value, the English Premier League sits comfortably at the top of European leagues, although other major leagues have outlined well-defined strategies …


Waymo Hunt for Smoking Gun Turns to Uber Acquisition Report

… "I’ve never seen it, your Honor," Verhoeven said. Alsup has tasked Corley with deciding whether the due diligence report must be turned over to Waymo. A lawyer who represented Levandowski in the Otto deal with Uber explained the rationale for the report in a court filing. "The litigation risk was particularly high due to the intensely competitive nature of the self-driving vehicle industry and the potentially billion-dollar commercial market involved," the attorney …

May 27, 2017

Apple will host big-name musicians and high-profile workshops to kick off new program

… of other special events. New York City elementary school students learn about coding on a class field trip to an Apple Store. Image: Andrew Burton/Getty Images Some of Apple’s more heavily trafficked locations will also feature big-name guests for music performances, lectures, and hands-on instruction. Soul singer Leon Bridges and free-form dancer Lil Buck (who recently appeared in an Apple commercial) will perform at Apple’s new flagship store in downtown San Francisco late on …

May 17, 2017