5 Trump theme songs as sung by his lawyer’s ’70s rock cover band

June 22, 2017

"Hello, United Nations, I am here to rock and roll all night and party every day"Image: Shutterstock/REX/Shutterstock When you work for the Trump administration, prepare to be haunted by your past. There was Sean Spicer’s Easter Bunny tenure, Kellyanne Conway’s all-too-brief stand-up career, and now there’s attorney Jay Sekulow’s ’70s rock cover band. SEE ALSO: GOP staffer compares Trumpcare to Star Wars and we can’t even Sekulow became the latest …


Carla Bruni on Music, Melanias Nudes, and Those Pesky Donald Trump Rumors

June 19, 2017

… my music, to kiss, to lay on the bed her eyes trail off as she flashes a knowing grin. It all began after an L.A. concert of hers back in 2014. Bruni was approached by uber-producer David Foster, of Whitney Houstons I Will Always Love You and Celine Dions The Power of Love renown, who expressed his desire to collaborate on music together. While Bruni had written many songs in her native French, shed tried writing in English and the experiment didnt go too well. So Foster convinced her to cover …


Grenfell Tower fire: Government staff sent in to Kensington and Chelsea Council – BBC News

June 18, 2017

… seemed to “lack the resources to deal with a crisis of this magnitude”, despite being the country’s “wealthiest borough”. ‘Suspicion’ Meanwhile, Labour MP David Lammy, whose friend Khadija Saye is among the dead, has called for urgent action to make sure all documents relating to the refurbishment and management of the Grenfell Tower fire are protected. After speaking to residents, he said: “Suspicion of a cover-up is rising. “We need to make …


Instagram finally accepts branded content with official tool

June 15, 2017

… into this, its much harder than you think. We’re trying to cover media companies and musicians, people who have different kinds of deals, sponsorship with brands over years or a one-off,” Porch said. So is this the end of #ad? Not so fast. “Creators should still check with their own team and their counsel,” Porch said. It’s only available to a handful of creators so far. WATCH: This cutting board has a built-in knife so you can chop like a pro More From this …


The best marketers are mad scientists

June 9, 2017

… Adwords, leading Kim to conclude that Google so greatly rewards high CTR/Quality Score ads (and conversely penalizes keywords with lousy CTRs) that an awesome hybrid solution becomes apparent: use your content marketing efforts to cover informational keywords with SEO content and commercial keywords via PPC. Sound mad? Dont worry, read Larrys case study and youll see how his experiments can help you save a lot of money on your next paid search campaign. 3. Dont work in silos Youll be using much …


Frank Lloyd Wright: What his 5 best buildings tell us about his life and work

June 8, 2017

… structure, its cantilevered riverfront sagged the moment the concrete formwork was removed, while damp seeping up from the waterfall — accessible by stair from the living room— caused mold as roof-lights leaked. It was hard, though not to fall in love with Fallingwater, its very name barely concealing that of “FLW”. Together with its caped architect (Wright was always a showman), it made the cover of Time. The influential magazine described the exquisite house as the …


EPA Inspector General Probing Whether Agency Staffer Colluded With Monsanto

June 7, 2017

… Roundup. His request was based on of documents released in the course of a lawsuit against Monsanto alleging glyphosate causes cancer, and that the company may have spun research and hired scientists to cover this up. As you are aware, there is considerable public interest regarding allegations of such collusion, in his response to Lieu, dated May 31 The EPA and Lieu did not immediately return requests for comment for this story. released in the lawsuitmentioning Jess Rowland, who was …


‘We are in a really sh*tty place’: Leaked docs show Fyre staffers scrambling to lock down bathrooms

June 6, 2017

… one is pooping,” the staffer wrote. Then, just a week before the guests were set to arrive, an urgent email within the company warned that nearly 600 people had no assigned lodging. A consultant working with the organizers suggested that they rent a cruise ship for more than half a million dollars to cover some of the unassigned people, then bump the 50 lowest paying customers from attending. He also proposed cutting the number of staff Fyre would send to the island, opting to replace the …


A comprehensive look at the antics of national court jester Sean Spicer

June 5, 2017

… between laughing and crying rather than simply crying. For that, we are truly #blessed. Who knows where we would be if we didn’t have this man’s tomfoolery to pull our gaze away from the real political issues and force us to laugh off the stresses of this world every now and again. From his fashion choices to his decision to take cover in some shrubbery as bombshell news broke, here are the most entertaining Sean Spicer moments. When the world realized he had something far more …


Attacker targets waitress: ‘He stabbed her in the neck’

June 4, 2017

(CNN)Panic spread quickly inside the crowded cafe. Bar patrons scramble, take cover More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsInstamate Image and Video Editor 2017 Remember, Instamate is the first and ONLY tool in the world to: 1. Post and schedule updates to MULTIPLE Instagram accounts from our web software 2. Find the most viral imagery from Instagram, FB and google to be instantly …


Liam Gallagher: ‘I love you Manchester…’ – BBC News

May 31, 2017

Image copyright PA Gallagher once said that he would never go solo, as he was not an idiot (shall we say, as we can’t bring you the actual naughty word here). But things change, and eight new solo tracks from forthcoming album As You Were, like Wall of Glass – which was partially leaked last week – were greeted with warm cheers and applause. The most rapturous noises of the night were, of course, reserved for the epic Oasis songs that helped the snarling singer make …


All the weird news that happened on the day ‘Star Wars’ opened 40 years ago

… movie. Star Wars didn’t show up in the papers at all on Thursday May 26, 1977 unless you count Variety, which noted the eye-popping per-theater grosses from opening day. It wasn’t until Friday May 27 that reporters and photographers began to cover the long lines of people waiting to see Star Wars, which was beginning to open in dozens more theaters. TV news didn’t cotton on until the weekend. George Lucas, on vacation with his wife and his friend Steven Spielberg in Hawaii, …

May 26, 2017

How to bring humanity and tech together: Innovators and advocates on hope for the future

… connected with some of techs biggest names executives at places like Dropbox, Deloitte, Canon, Polycom, and more as well as a few of techs lesser-known stars. Their answers point toward hope in our work, commerce, and connections. Humanizing the tech we work with Workplace communication is often lamented as the very antithesis of humanity. Memo-driven hierarchies, reply-all email chains, and new cover sheets on your TPS reports are partly to blame. But the real disease lies deeper: namely, …

May 18, 2017

Fox Stands By DNC Murder Conspiracy Theory Even After Main Source Changes Story

… to unravel. Richs family, in a pointed statement, dismissed possible connections between their son and WikiLeaks, and accused Wheeler and the outlets of pushing conspiracies. Metro Police said Wheelers claims were false. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called allegations of a cover-up in an interview with The Daily Caller. Tuesday night, meanwhile, , telling CNN that he only got the information about a possible connection between Rich and WikiLeaks from the reporter at Fox News, and that he had …

May 18, 2017

Trump Reportedly Revealed Classified Info During Meeting With Russian Officials

… Leahy acknowledged that the president has the authority to declassify information as he sees fit but that doing so and sharing it with the Russians would put America at risk. for allowing a photographer for the Russian state news agency TASS to cover the meeting, which American media had been barred from attending. The White House said it had been misled, but the Russian photographers access to the Oval Office sparked questions about a possible security breach. Deadly serious Q: Was it a …

May 16, 2017

Microsoft helps out stubborn Windows XP users with WannaCrypt update

Image: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Still stubbornly running an ancient version of Windows, despite the security threats? You’re in luck, this time. The ransomware attack known as WannaCrypt that sent organizations and individual users around the world scrambling for security cover has been addressed by Microsoft, the company behind the most widely used operating system on the planet, with a new software update. And, to the relief of many holding onto old versions of Windows, the update …

May 14, 2017