African American Family’s Home Burned In Suspected Hate Crime

May 17, 2017

… Schodack, a small town in Rensselaer County. He said he cant recall a similar crime during his two Decades on the police force. Madison told the Times Union he is glad his wife and children escaped. Investigators said evidence from the crime scene may help identify the perpetrator. Were getting calls from all over the area, Belardo said. It makes me proud that members of my community are stepping up and this family is not going through this alone. I know [the Madisons] are fearful, but …


In ancient city of Xi’an, China hopes to restart the Silk Road

May 15, 2017

Xi'an, China (CNN)Michael Chang’s love of noodles should make his adopted home a perfect fit. Growing up poor in eastern China, Chang crowded around one of the only two televisions in his village to watch Hong Kong soap operas and TV dramas. “They were all in these fancy offices eating instant noodles,” he said. ” I wanted that to be me.” China’s party ruined by N. Korea missile What is China’s grand plan for the world? In …


General election 2017: Theresa May ‘not taking victory for granted’ – BBC News

May 6, 2017

… number of councillors by more than 130, including in areas that had previously been “no-go” for the party. Conservatives make gains across Scotland What happened in Wales? It was a mixed picture for Labour in Wales, where it has been the dominant force in local government for Decades. It lost 13 councillors in Bridgend, meaning it has conceded control of a council where it had three-quarters of councillors just five years ago. And Labour’s losses in Blaenau Gwent and …


Climate change expected to make turbulence stronger and more frequent

May 4, 2017

(CNN)Climate change is expected to affect your life in some surprising ways in the coming Decades. From worsening pollen allergies to lowered sex drives, raising the planet’s temperature by continued greenhouse gas emissions has wide ranging impacts — but did you know that global warming may also make your plane ride significantly bumpier? There is a growing amount of research that shows that as the planet warms from climate change, the second half of this century will see an …


Best hotels in Mauritius: How top designers remade luxury in paradise

April 25, 2017

(CNN)Luxury hotels have staked claims to Mauritius’s famed beaches for Decades, but over the last couple of years, elite designers have remade venerable island institutions and built new paradise retreats from the ground up. Oberoi Mauritius, Turtle Bay Marine Park, Balaclava While this isn’t a couples-only resort, the Oberoi feels like a honeymooners retreat. There is a kids’ club for the little ones, but everything from the waterfall at the entrance to the villas with …


Swedish Police Confident They’ve Caught Terrorist Behind Rampage

April 9, 2017

… seven Decades, with border-controls imposed and parts of the capital were still under lock-down on Saturday. People flocked to the place of the carnage, turning construction fences at the scene into a wall of flowers. Crown Princess Victoria and Prime Minister Stefan Lofven were among the visitors. The man, who was caught on security cameras fleeing the scene, was arrested late Friday in a shop in Marsta, a suburb north of Stockholm. Police said he drew attention to himself after behaving in a …


Syria’s Assad Is Still Attracting Support From Some Leftists And ‘Alt-Right’ Nationalists

April 8, 2017

… explicit religious commitments to holy Shiite sites. Their brutality is arguably religiously motivated in a way similar to that of ISIS. That Gabbard and her allies believe being secular is enough to grant Assad legitimacy is even more important. The unspoken argument here is that alleged war crimes, mass torture and Decades of repressive one-family rule are acceptable, so long as they dont have a pesky Muslim tinge. The message is precisely what controversial Trump White House advisers like …


Photos of the Rhine River from a ‘fish-eye’ view

April 5, 2017

(CNN)You might say photographers Aude Boissaye and Sebastien Rand enjoy a river connection. As children growing up in eastern France near the Rhine, they learned to respect the river’s power and beauty. Decades later, they met for the first time near the River Seine — not far from where Claude Monet painted his iconic “Water Lilies.” The two hit it off, and it wasn’t long before they turned their mutual passion for photography into a partnership. …


The ‘Something To Wrestle’ podcast sparks nostalgia for old-school WWE hilarity

April 3, 2017

… Steve Austin, the Rock, or John Cena. Prichard and Thompson have no problem feeding listeners with oodles of information—some of it arcane, some of it absolutely essential—about a variety of topics in yesterdays world of pro wrestling. Its a world the two have been obsessed with for Decades. Thompson grew up watching the WWF in Huntsville, Alabama, and he continues to be a fan. He also co-hostsWhat Happened When, a podcastthat is focused on the disbanded NWA/WCW promotion with former …


Greek Thomson: Scotland’s other great visionary architect – BBC News

April 1, 2017

Image caption The Caledonia Road Church in the Gorbals was threatened with demolition in 1966 When Glasgow council was planning to demolish one of Thomson’s landmark churches in 1966, influential American architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock made a plea for them to stop. He said: “Glasgow in the last 150 years has had two of the greatest architects in the world.” Image caption The church was described as one of the finest Classical Romantic churches in …


Brexit sovereignty plan set out in Great Repeal Bill – BBC News

March 30, 2017

… the largest legislative projects ever undertaken in the UK” A Lords committee described it as a “unique challenge”, with EU having accumulated over Decades Read more: A guide to the Great Repeal Bill Brexit Secretary David Davis said: “At the heart of the referendum decision was sovereignty. A strong, independent country needs control of its own laws. That process starts now. “Converting EU law into UK law, and ending the supremacy of lawmakers in Brussels, is an …


Futuristic fragrance: New biotech unlocks scents that have never been sniffed

March 30, 2017

(CNN)Perfumery has always been an intricate science; much more effort goes into capturing a scent than those outside the industry might imagine. Over the last two Decades, chemists have used innovative new technology to add an even larger array of scents to the perfumer’s palette, enabling them to create fragrances that have never been smelled before. For thousands of years, scents came directly from nature. Resins were collected from trees and burned as offerings to the gods; aromatic …


Souks, sea and surf: Riding giants in Morocco

March 29, 2017

… For Decades, fish has been big business in Essaouira, the charming, former Portuguese settlement on the west coast of Morocco. Tasting the ‘fruits of the sea’ As stocks have depleted, however, the locals have started to shift their focus to more lucrative industries. Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Morocco guide: 10 things to know before you go The Atlas Mountains: Morocco’s hidden travel gem 10 street foods to try in Morocco More …


GOP, to govern you need to make friends with Democrats

March 29, 2017

… laws and the nation’s multi-trillion-dollar budget. For Decades, success in Congress depended on an alliance between Republicans and conservative, so-called Blue Dog Democrats. The result was a string of centrist deals that marginalized ultra-liberal and super conservative members and allowed legislation to move forward. Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH …


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s next role: The voice of Stephen Hawking?

March 27, 2017

Stephen Hawking could soon sound like Hamilton — at least in this spoof video.Image: Bryan bedder/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize Foundation Stephen Hawking’s synthesized voice is perhaps just as famous as his brilliant mind. The theoretical physicist and cosmologist has “spoken” using the same Intel-made computer system for the past two Decades. Now, however, Hawking says he’s ready for a replacement. SEE ALSO: Stephen Hawking has a message for Trump: …


While Washington Investigates Russian Meddling, Moscow Is Expanding Its Global Influence

March 22, 2017

… Putin proposed to open discussions on a follow-up to the New START arms control agreement, and Trump dismissed it as a bad deal that favored Russia. General Khalifa Haftar, pictured in Moscow, is aiming to establish a military regime in Libya and is backed by Russia. Recognizing the Wests indifferent response to the Libyan civil war, Russia has backed Marshal Khalifa Haftar, a former Gaddafi loyalist turned dissident who lived for two Decades in the United States and opposes Libyas …


What makes gambling wrong but insurance right? – BBC News

March 20, 2017

… began. Eight Decades after Lloyd had established his coffee house, a group of underwriters who hung out there formed the Society of Lloyd’s. Today, Lloyd’s of London is one of the most famous names in insurance. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Red Cross has called Lesotho’s current water shortages “the worst drought in a lifetime” When researchers created an insurance company and started selling crop insurance, the farmers bought the the …


One Penny Still In Circulation Is Worth $85,000. Do You Know How To Spot It?

March 17, 2017

… learn more. Wikimedia Commons If you have any old coins in your home, you may want to sort through them before your next trip to the Coinstar. Lots of us don’t hang onto our change or even look at it very closely. Just remember, there could besome true gems hiding in that big old jar in the kitchen. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for coins that are more than a few Decades old. One specific coin from 1943 is worth a whole lot more than a mere …


‘Alien: Covenant’ and AMD show birth of Michael Fassbender robot

March 13, 2017

… (“Equipped with AMD’s Ryzen and Radeon Instinct technology”). No, AMD doesn’t power human-deceiving androids just yet, but the promo site is pretty entertaining in a “this is how processor companies will promote the robot apocalypse in coming Decades” sort of way. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsInstaPilot – eCommerce Store Builder OTO2 InstaPilot – eCommerce Store Builder OTO21-Click Video Developers 5 Clients License Sales Like Hot Cakes …


What Is Catfishing? Scary Signs Youre The Target Of An Online Scam

March 9, 2017

Dating has changed alot in the past few Decades, for better and for worse. It’s great that meeting someone new is so easy now, but the rise of online dating has also opened the door for a peculiar new scam called ‘catfishing.’ Catfishing is an online con where someone assumes a new identity in order to seduce a stranger on the internet. Some people do this for companionship, because they feel like their own identity isn’t good enough. Others do it in order to trap people …


3 myths that shape the transgender bathroom debate

March 8, 2017

… one’s gender does not match what was assigned at birth. Explained: Decades of research suggest that when it comes to psychological traits and abilities, boys and girls are more alike than they are different. A child’s parents and environment are more likely to influence their gender expression than the body parts they were born with, and the concept of gender becomes more fixed as we grow. Just as it advises for adults, the medical community endorses letting children live their …