General election 2017: Greens ‘to hold Tories to account’ – BBC News

May 22, 2017

Co-leaders Ms Lucas and Jonathan Bartley are set to focus on young people, claiming that a generation has been let down by a government “hell-bent on an extreme Brexit” and an economy that “fails the majority”. Guide to the Green Party Election 2017 poll tracker The party will pledge to immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens, protect freedom of movement and give the British public, rather than just Parliament, the final say on any EU deal. Mr Bartley, …


Town halls buy back Right-to-Buy homes – BBC News

May 3, 2017

BBC News looked at local authority areas where waiting lists rose for four consecutive years since 2011 and chose 10 at random. One property in Islington in north London was sold for 17,600 in 2004 (at a discount of 26,400), and was bought back by the authority for 176,750 some 11 years later. House prices there rose by 135% over that period, according to Rightmove. Get the data here Have right-to-buy homes been replaced? Iona Bain, founder of the Young Money Blog, said: “The …


Trump Wants Clean Water Rule Gone. Now Comes The Hard Part.

April 21, 2017

The president is trying to make good on that pledge. Nearly two months ago, Trump signed an executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to review and reconsider the Obama-era regulation that was widely celebrated by environmentalists and panned by industry groups and politicians in some states. The Supreme Court this month denied the administrations request to delay a case intended to sort out which court should handle litigation over the …


China’s Changing Economy Helps Explain Taming of Trump’s Threats

April 11, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats to punish China over trade have been displaced by a pledge to negotiate after hearing the perspective of his counterpart Xi Jinping. Below are five charts that may explain the change in tone. The Setting A meeting with Xi at Mar-a-Lago created "tremendous goodwill and friendship," Trump tweeted on Saturday. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the countries agreed to a "100-day plan" to discuss trade. The countries agreed to …


Just when you thought the net neutrality fight was over …

April 8, 2017

… providers and make rules that ensured they would abide by net neutrality principles. In place of the rules, Pai reportedly wants internet providers to sign pledges that would let the FCC wash its hands of regulating them. The companies would pledge to: not block access to websites or internet-based services, not purposefully slow down particular internet traffic, and not offer to create fast lanes for companies willing to pay (i.e. Netflix paying Comcast so that your stream is faster). …


Brexit sovereignty plan set out in Great Repeal Bill – BBC News

March 30, 2017

Key to this pledge is the Great Repeal Bill, which ministers say is essential to avoid a “black hole” in the law when the UK leaves the EU. The UK Parliament can then “amend, repeal and improve” the laws as necessary, the government says. However, it could prove controversial with plans to give ministers the power to make changes to some laws without full Parliamentary scrutiny. The government says this will only be for “mechanical changes” to ensure laws …


How to fight back against the excessive Photoshop that’s bad for body image

March 28, 2017

… follow a code of ethics for altering images? She put together a board, a website, social media accounts and strategy sessions to suss out a pledge and all the while, in the background, new complaints about excessive photoshopping kept exploding on social media. SEE ALSO: Hey, trolls: Woman will wear a bikini if she wants, thank you It seemed as if the time was ripe for change. But a big hurdle remained. “We heard a lot of folks in retouching and styling saying this is never gonna work. …