Superbug C. auris identified in 122 people across 7 states, CDC says

May 19, 2017

(CNN)The number of cases of an emerging and often multidrug-resistant fungus in the United States has grown from seven to 122 over the past nine months, according to a field report in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report issued Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The fungus, Candida auris, can cause severe illness with high mortality, especially among high-risk patients, including those in intensive care units, those with a central venous catheter and those who …


Twitter update shares what advertisers are interested in you

May 18, 2017

… interesting when we look at what Twitter’s partners know about me. I have 218 interests, according to Twitter’s partners. Not sure if these are listed in any particular order, but I apparently am interested in a lot of CPG (consumer packaged goods) categories starting with antiperspirants and deodorants as well as feminine care, shaving care and hair removal, skin care, and oral care. Brands that have me listed include Swiffer, Tide, Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs, Aveeno, and …


Temporary tattoos remind you how important it is to care for yourself

May 9, 2017

… individual will need extra support that day. “Thetemporarytattoosserve as little pick-me-ups and reminders throughout daily life. It’s also a symbol, a way to connect people, and spread awareness of mental health,” she continues. Timbers says that because the tattoos are visible on a person’s skin they’re effective as a constant reminder throughout the day. “Because it’s constantly there on your skin, it’s harder to ignore,” says Timbers. …


Leeches are sucking their way back into the medical field

May 1, 2017

… Education and Research Foundation, though not for treating heart-related issues as in Russia. Instead, leeches are used to help heal skin grafts, by draining pooled blood from under the graft and restoring blood circulation in blocked veins. They also remove excess blood from severed body parts that have been reattached. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved leeches for such uses in 2004, when it gave French company Ricarimpex SAS clearance to market the aquatic animals as medical …


People are outraged that a magazine compared soup dumplings with popping zits

March 31, 2017

… wrong?” Time Out U.K.’s editor-in-chief said in an emailed statement: “We burst soup dumplings in our video to show people the delicious soup that was inside them, so they could enjoy the visual treat of the broth that is tasted but not necessarily seen.” For the record, this is the suggested way to eat soup dumplings. You’re not supposed to break the skin and spill the soup. Don’t grab or poke at the soup dumpling. Let the dumplings sit and cool for …


Skin creams containing paraffin linked to fire deaths – BBC News

March 19, 2017

… caught the lighter, and it set fire to him.” ‘Engulfed in flames’ Within seconds Mr Hoe, who was receiving treatment for psoriasis, was engulfed in flames and he died shortly after being transferred to another hospital in Sheffield. “When we got there, the staff came to me and told us he was covered with 90% burns,” said Mrs Hoe. “There was nothing they could do.” The coroner at his inquest drew attention to the dangers posed by skin creams, and the now …


I Bump Into My Neighbor Every Time I Get The Mail, Then I Realized That Im Falling For Him

March 10, 2017

… to be sexually active with your boyfriend, go for it! Just keep your own happiness and health at the forefront of the experience. I don’t think you need to “start over” with your guy; I think you just need to make sure you both always take the time you need when things get heated. Bleeding during sex is very, very common, especially if the woman is rushed. If you aren’t “ready,” penetration can cause micro-tears in your skin, and lead to bleeding. In your …