London fire: Smiling faces of missing a stark contrast with anger and grief

June 17, 2017

… Kensington, Vance continues to shepherd boxes to a council van as we talk. “I think there has been this myth in Society for probably the last 10 years that if you are poor, you are there because you are not working hard enough, you are there because you are trying to rip off the state… and now they are being called sponges and skivs and benefit dodgers when the people that we really know are dodging taxes are the rich. That’s what we all feel like.” He continues: …


Amazon’s great at selling its own batteries and baby wipes. But Food and fashion? Not yet

June 11, 2017

… toying with how much of its trademark branding should be woven into each new rollout. Amazon’s higher-end dress tag Lark & Ro, men’s shoe label Franklin & Freeman, and womenswear-focused Society New York all eschew any ties with the orange arrow, as do most of its other more stylish apparel fronts. Stealth launches ensure the image of each is kept at a distance from the mothership brand. Image: amazon On the other hand, the company’s more basic apparel brand, …


URGENT: The Latest: 3 Australians Among Injured in London Attacks

June 5, 2017

… arrested. He says one of the issues the country needs to get a handle on is the experience of Muslim residents, who've "had a long-standing problem with respect to greater levels of alienation, a harder time assimilating into the broader British Society." Kerry says the answer lies in building community to lessen the distance between governments and their people, a gap he thinks is a problem "all over the world." ___ 3:45 p.m. Germany's Foreign Ministry says German …


Taking a break? The 1.7bn career gap – BBC News

May 29, 2017

… relatively small-scale, it is undeniably gaining momentum. The number of programmes offered have grown from three in 2014 to 27 announced for 2017 so far. In the March 2017 Budget, the government allocated 5m for “return to work” schemes. But what our Society should aim for, Julianne says, is for returnships to become less significant, as the attitude towards career breaks becomes more accepting. “It’s not just about returners – it’s about opening the minds …


Our Generation Is Apparently Way Less Racist Than Older People, So There’s Hope

… people of color, which brings with it myriad socioeconomic problems. Meanwhile, across Western Society, weve seen white nationalism and xenophobia becoming more mainstream in recent years. This was definitely evident in the election of Donald Trump, who ran on a vehemently anti-immigrant platform and was endorsed by the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan shortly before his victory. There is also data that suggests white Millennials (white people born roughly between 1980 and 2000), are less …

May 25, 2017

Could you last a whole gig without using your phone? – BBC News

But many concertgoers find the practice irrating, and now some performers are starting to object too. “No mobile phones, cameras or recording devices will be allowed at Chris Rock’s Total Blackout Tour,” read a message posted on ticketing websites when the comedian’s new UK dates went on sale this month. Image copyright Yondr Image caption Audience members keep the locked pouches with them throughout the evening Rock’s use of Yondr at his upcoming UK …

May 21, 2017

Pippa Middleton’s wedding is shaping up as Britain’s wedding of the year

… able to build a career as a writer,” she said a year after her sister’s wedding. After dating a string of high-Society men, 41-year old Matthews, popped the question last summer after almost two years of dating. Matthews’ parents are multi-millionaires — his father, David, was a racing driver-turned-property developer. His younger brother is Spencer Matthews of “made of Chelsea” fame. Despite all the interest in the couple, the big question is whether …

May 20, 2017

Bush, Obama Lawyers Slam Trump’s Possible Meddling In FBI Russia Probe

… appropriate to a minor disciplinary matter in a corporation, Mukasey said. Its not appropriate to a criminal investigation. The former officials, both now in private practice,had been invited to speak at a panel on presidential power hosted by The Federalist Society, a conservative group that was key in helping Trump select and install Justice Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court. Mukasey and Eggleston were asked to address a range of subjects related to the executive branch and its place …

May 18, 2017

Axe wants men to rethink masculinity, but can an ad really help?

… is that Society has changed and marketing has to change,” says Strubel. “It was time for the brand to move on.” “It’s not our dad’s manhood anymore. There’s a lot more acceptance.” The second season of Aziz Ansari‘s Netflix series Master of None is a revelation of masculine vulnerability. Ansari’s character Dev may be heartbroken and lonely, but he doesn’t need to conquer other women to feel better about himself. Instead, he …

May 17, 2017