Eight ways machine learning is already in your life – BBC News

April 25, 2017

… in your photos and can automatically label your pictures? The image recognition systems that Facebook – and other social media – uses to automatically tag photos is based on machine learning. When users upload images and tag their friends and family, these image recognition systems can Spot pictures that are repeated and assigns these to categories – or people. Read more Robots to affect up to 30% of UK jobs Will a robot take your job? Artificial intelligence ‘as …


Psst: You’re probably using all the wrong photos on dating apps.

April 22, 2017

… one. As Abramowitz put it, The best photo of you isnt always the best photo to use. You’re not necessarily looking for the most flattering photo ever taken of you. Youre looking for the ones that convey something about you, even if every hair on your head isnt in the exact right Spot. So focus on finding the photos where you look like the real you doing the things you actually like to do. Give them something to talk to you about, and eventually the right people should find their way to …


Bike-sharing companies keep finding that people are terrible, in every city they enter

April 21, 2017

An oBike in a neighbourhood bicycle parking Spot, SingaporeImage: Ng Yi Shu/Mashable It’s been just three months after the first bike-sharing company arrived in Singapore, but reports of abuse and vandalism of shared bikes in the city keep popping up on social media. The majority of these shared bikes are stationless, which means they don’t need to be docked at a designated Spot. They lock themselves after your ride is over, and you’re meant to just leave the bike standing by …


Celebrate Easter with this Goldendoodle wearing a basket on its head

April 17, 2017

… after the Goldendoodle had to wear a cone to keep her from touching an itchy hot Spot. A post shared by That Goldendoodle Murphy (@thatgoldendoodle) on Mar 25, 2017 at 7:51am PDT Murphy apparently loved the basket cone and kept up the Easter Bunny act for about an hour, her human counterparts said by email. That’s like 1,000 days in dog time. Her owners said they didn’t know which type of Easter candy Murphy would eat if she had the appropriate digestive system, …


Corona never paid a dime for millions of dollars of ‘Fast and Furious’ product placement

April 15, 2017

… Furious 7 alone would have cost more than a Super Bowl Spot had the crew behind it not had such a particular affinity towards the beer. Screenplay writer Chris Morgan called the beer “literally a character in the films,” and the beer’s brand image just happened to match the mood and tone of the franchise. “I know it’s crazy,” Moritz conceded to Simmons. According to Bloomberg’s exhaustive tally, Diesel is shown sipping the Mexican brew three times in the …


Where Pepsi went wrong with its disastrous ad, according to ad execs

April 7, 2017

The protesters in Pepsi’s disaster of a commercial might not have had a message, but critics certainly do: Worst. Ad. Ever. The now-scuttled Spot inspired a monumental flood of derision from all corners of the web on Tuesday. Activists, celebrities and Americans of every political leaning united in roasting Kendall Jenner’s tone-deaf answer to centuries-old racial tensions. Many saw the commercial as the epitome of Madison Avenue’s worsening habit of leeching onto serious …


Going to Ecuador? 11 things travelers should know first

April 5, 2017

(CNN)When people think Ecuador they think the Galapagos and while those enchanted islands are incredible there’s a lot more to this Andean country. 1. ‘Middle’ monument is in the wrong place Ecuador is named after the equator that runs through the country. One of the must-do tourist attractions is to stand astride the line that marks the middle of the world — just make sure you pick the right Spot. …


How taking the wrong funding will kill your business

March 29, 2017

… spent on enacting your existing strategy and how those who join you can help achieve the company goals. Do you have any advice on how to Spot a bad investor for your company? We learned that having common interests doesnt mean the investor is necessarily right for you. Sure, they are in your industry as well as understand and believe in what you are developing. Maybe they even have great connections to help you. However, if they dont share your common vision, its never going to be successful. …


Red Nose Day 2017 raises 71m for Comic Relief – BBC News

March 25, 2017

… appearance in BBC Three comedy People Just Do Nothing. The chart-topping star also made the trip to find out about the charity’s work in Liberia. Image copyright Comic Relief Image caption Spot the odd one out: Take That got taken for a ride by James Corden The telethon also saw appearances from the cast of sketch show Smack The Pony, who reunited for the first time since 2003. There were special previews of Mrs Brown’s new chat show and the second series of Peter Kay’s …