Rock band The Slants’ victory in court secures your rights

June 20, 2017

(CNN)In the 1971 free speech case, Cohen v. California, the Supreme Court said, “One man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.” That rings very true today. Now, I get to say: “I told you so.” Join us on Twitter and Facebook Justice Kennedy summed it up perfectly: “By mandating positivity, the law here might silence dissent and distort the marketplace of ideas.” Today, because of a little-known band and a naughty word, you are all more …


Rosenstein must recuse himself from involvement in Mueller probe

June 17, 2017

… justification for Comey’s surprise termination. Join us on Twitter and Facebook The solicitor general, the lawyer who represents the United States in cases before the Supreme Court, had better stay close to the phone. (Trump has nominated Noel Francisco for that post; the acting solicitor general is Jeffrey Wall.) Like his famous predecessor, the Nixon administration’s Robert Bork, who played a key role in the “Saturday Night Massacre,” the solicitor general …


Bush, Obama Lawyers Slam Trump’s Possible Meddling In FBI Russia Probe

… appropriate to a minor disciplinary matter in a corporation, Mukasey said. Its not appropriate to a criminal investigation. The former officials, both now in private practice,had been invited to speak at a panel on presidential power hosted by The Federalist Society, a conservative group that was key in helping Trump select and install Justice Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court. Mukasey and Eggleston were asked to address a range of subjects related to the executive branch and its place …

May 18, 2017