Protesters injured outside Turkish embassy in DC after Trump-Erdogan meeting

May 17, 2017

Washington (CNN)Nine people were injured during a protest outside of the residence of the Turkish ambassador in Washington, DC on Tuesday, according to the official Twitter account of Washington, DC fire and EMS department. About two dozen demonstrators showed up outside of the embassy just hours after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with President Donald Trump at the White House. “We are protesting (Erdogan’s) policies in Turkey, in Syria and in Iraq,” said Flint …


Turkish authorities block Wikipedia from the entire country

April 30, 2017

Wikipedia is now blocked in Turkey.Image: peter macdiarmid/Getty Images Wikipedia is now blocked in Turkey, according to news reports. Turkish authorities blocked all versions of Wikipedia in any language in the country through an “administrative measure” and did not give a reason, BBC reported. Turkish media reported that authorities had asked Wikipedia to remove content that linked Turkey to terrorist groups, BBC said. Wikipedia didn’t remove that content, and was blocked on …


American ‘convert’ who lived in ISIS territory detained by Turkey

April 27, 2017

(CNN)An American and his family who were living in territory held by ISIS in Syria have been detained in Turkey, a senior Turkish official told CNN. The official said that Kary Paul Kleman was detained after surrendering to border guards at the Oncupinar crossing in Kilis. He was accompanied by his wife, a Syrian national, and three children. “Our initial assessment is that he along with his family members was compelled to escape the conflict zone following airstrikes and military …


Trump’s congratulatory call to Erdogan is revealing

April 19, 2017

(CNN)It’s a haunting image. A basement space with blacked-out windows, crowded with camera equipment and journalists who were assigned to cover the Leader during the state visit of a foreign dignitary but were not allowed to look outside. Was this Vladimir Putin’s Russia, or perhaps the Turkey of Recep Tayyip Erdogan? No, it was the Trump National Jupiter Golf Club in Florida, three weeks after Donald Trump’s inauguration, as depicted by White House pool reporters Jennifer …


Trump’s Erdogan call reflects terrorism focus, White House says

April 19, 2017

Washington (CNN)The Trump administration issued one mightily mixed message Monday. President Donald Trump congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on a contested referendum that granted him broad new powers and deepened concern about the NATO ally’s growing authoritarianways. Trump’s outreach to Erdogan put him on a very short list of those who praised the results, including Hamas, the Palestinian militant group labeled a terrorist organization by the United States. …


Gen. Allen: Trump should call Turkey’s President back — and say this

April 19, 2017

… public airing, where he’s unambiguous as the President of the United States on his concerns over human rights, on freedom of the press, on the rights of women, on freedom of religion and the rule of law and all the necessary actions to preserve the democratic institutions of Turkey.” Referring to Erdogan, Allen warned that “history tells us that when you accumulate that much authority in one single person, it often doesn’t go very well.” …


Turkey’s shell-shocked opposition struggles to find a way forward

April 18, 2017

Ankara, Turkey (CNN)Turkish citizens who did not want to give more powers to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a very hard Monday. There was quiet discontent in Ankara, as if its pockets of opposition had been zipped tight. Duysen Talas, a 28-year-old born in the capital, Ankara, was slouched over in a chair of the pro-Kurdish opposition party Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) headquarters. Talas, like many of the country’s 24 million “No” voters, woke up in a …


Salt Bae sprinkling his vote is the only good thing to come out of Turkey referendum

April 17, 2017

Salt Bae doesn’t just season steaks. He also votes. lem tamam#saltbae #saltlife #salt A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et) on Apr 15, 2017 at 10:46pm PDT Yes, that’s chef Nusret Gke, aka Salt Bae, voting. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed victory Sunday in a referendum that gives him sweeping new powers. SEE ALSO: ‘Salt Bae’ seasoned Leonardo DiCaprio’s dinner, as is the natural order of things Are the results bad for democracy? You …


47,155 arrests: Turkey’s post-coup crackdown by the numbers

April 15, 2017

(CNN)Nine months on from the July 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, which according Turkish State Media, claimed the lives of 249 people, including 36 alleged coup plotters, authorities continue to detain and arrest people who, they say, are linked to the attempted uprising. BREAKDOWN OF THOSE AFFECTED Those arrested since the attempted coup include police officers, members of the military and civil servants. THE POLICE By the end of July 2016, 1,019 members of the police …


Kofi Annan Fast Facts

April 4, 2017

… Cross to deliver much needed aid. March 13, 2012 – In Turkey, Annan meets with government officials and Syrian opposition members including Burhan Ghalioun, chairman of the Syrian National Council. March 16, 2012 – Annan briefs the UN Security Council on the situation in Syria and announces he is sending a mission to Damascus to discuss a plan for international monitors to end the daily violence engulfing the country. March 24, 2012 – Annan arrives in Moscow in an effort to …


Is it foolish for a woman to cycle alone across the Middle East? – BBC News

April 1, 2017

… permitted to stay with locals without permission, and several of my hosts endured an intense grilling by police. Some of those aware of my profession declined any contact at all due to fear of repercussion. Everywhere I went, security and oppression continually curbed freedom and dissent. In Turkey, pro-Kurdish human rights lawyer Tahir Eli was killed by an unknown gunman a few days after we met. In Sudan, two students were killed in clashes with regime forces and supporters during my brief …


US signals openness to Assad staying put

March 31, 2017

(CNN)The Trump administration doubled down Thursday on prioritizing the fight against ISIS over ending the Syrian civil war and getting rid of its main protagonist, President Bashar al-Assad — a suggestion that was swiftly criticized by hawks on the Hill. Indicating a possible shift in US policy on the war in Syria from the days of the Obama administration, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on a trip to Turkey that the “longer-term status of President Assad will be decided by …


While Washington Investigates Russian Meddling, Moscow Is Expanding Its Global Influence

March 22, 2017

… the new friendship, with Russian special forces apparently operating out of a base in western Egypt, ostensibly to support operations in Libya. Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Perhaps the most consequential cases to watch are Russias relations with the two non-Arab military powers in the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and Israel, which are both longstanding U.S. allies. Despite the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey in late 2015 and the murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlovin Ankara last …


The Turkey-Netherlands Spat Is A Reminder Of A New Specter Haunting Europe

March 18, 2017

… Porro via Getty Images defeat The fact that Wilders party came in second shows its still a . That night, we had made our way to an avant garde bar. We were full of hopes and dreams. We talked about and wanted to explore minds as curious as ours I wanted to discover new views and face new ideas. Instead, I was lectured by a group of old local hippies at the bar about the beauty of freedom in Europe. Learning that I was coming from Turkey, they instructed me to tell my Muslim countrymen about …


Turkey suspends high-level diplomatic relations with Dutch

March 14, 2017

(CNN)Turkey will not allow the Dutch ambassador to Ankara to return to Turkey and has suspended high-level diplomatic relations between the two countries, deputy Turkish Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus announced in Ankara on Monday as a disagreement between the two countries escalated. Turkey’s action came after the Netherlands’ refusal to allow Turkey’s foreign minister to visit for a political rally over the weekend. That minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, is demanding answers …


Here’s what $141 million in venture capital can do for emerging economies

March 11, 2017

… started to prove what $141 million can do for finance in the developing world. Some of the startups in their portfolio include Konfio, a startup that provides loans to micro-businesses in Mexico; Creditas, which offers home and auto equity loans to the emerging middle class in Brazil; a blockchain startup in the Philippines; Yoco, which wants to be the Square of Africa; and a few B2B payment companies in India. Next, the fund might turn toward startups in China, Turkey, Indonesia, Argentina and …


Dubs amendment: Tory backing for council refugee audit – BBC News

March 7, 2017

… city of Aleppo, for years the scene of country’s worst fighting. His parents were so frightened that their only son would end up as a fighter, either for government forces or for the Syrian army, that they took the decision to get him out of the country. He told the BBC: “It was like a horror film, bombs every day, everybody scared, the only choice is to wait for death or leave.” In 2015, his parents paid people smugglers to transport Amir to Turkey. He was 15. He describes how …


Funny Cats Funny Cat Videos Best Funny Videos 2017 year 2018

February 27, 2017

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