Two Dutch Journalists Freed Unharmed by Colombian Rebels

June 26, 2017

… "We are grateful to the ministry of foreign affairs. They have done everything, in The Hague and Bogota, to get Derk and Eugenio home safely." The ELN is Colombia's last major guerrilla army, with about 1,500 troops. This year, it joined the government for peace talks in Ecuador, bringing closer than ever the possibility of an end to a half century of political violence after the much-larger Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia reached a deal of its own last year to lay down its …


Cumulative extremism: Why terror is like a ‘perverted comic book’

June 22, 2017

… interesting to me is that we see this across the ideological spectrum, everyone from Euro nationalists to black nationalists to religious extremists of all types.” Combating these narratives is a crucial step governments must take in order to prevent terror attacks from becoming force multipliers, inspiring dueling extremists to commit new acts of violence inspired by previous violence. It’s what’s known as “cumulative extremism,” a self-perpetuating downward spiral …


A Facebook bug showed moderators to the terror groups they monitored

June 18, 2017

… support, but the moderator who fled wasn’t convinced that he and his family would be safe; violence at the hands of terrorists in Iraq drove them to Ireland in the first place. “Im not waiting for a pipe bomb to be mailed to my address until Facebook does something about it, the moderator reportedly told D’Souza before he left Ireland. Facebook’s response When reached for comment about the report, a Facebook spokesperson acknowledged the security flaw and subsequent …


Ahead Of NBC Profile, Alex Jones Talks About Bullets In Wolf Blitzer’s Head

June 16, 2017

Right-wing conspiracy fanatic Alex Jones isnt toning down his rhetoric ahead of his controversial interview Sunday onMegyn Kellys show on NBC. He talked Thursday about someone putting bullets in CNN journalist Wolf Blitzers head, and warned that others better have some helicopter jump jets to escape violence in Civil War 2. On his Infowars program Thursday, Jones criticized Blitzer for his purported stance on James Hodgkinson, the shooter who opened fire Wednesday at a congressional GOP …


Fans Want Justin Bieber To Cancel His Tour After Manchester, Here’s Why He Shouldn’t

… violence, for example,claims well over 10,000 lives in the U.S. every single year. In 2016 alone, gun violenceled to 15,052 deaths in the U.S. So far this year, its already claimed 5,906 lives. Americans are more likely to be killed by a lightning strikethan a terror attack. This is precisely what makes terrorism so terrifying: Its rare. Its not a normal part of our lives. Theres a strong psychological aspect to why people in Western societies are so afraid of terrorism in spite of this fact. …

May 25, 2017

More die in bathtubs than in terrorism. It’s still worth spending billions to fight it

… and on blogs such as Lawfare has revived debate over whether we are spending too much time, effort, and resources on stopping terrorist attacks when very few Americans are killed by terrorists — by some estimates, approximately one-third the number who die each year in the bathtub. We strongly agree with those who consider that comparison a fallacy. Deaths from terrorism — even just attempted acts of terrorism — simply scare people in ways that other acts of violence do not. …

May 22, 2017