Do NOT Open This Netflix Email It’s A Scam!

If you have

Ch-ch-check out what YOU need to know about the scam (below)!

It starts with this email telling you your account has been suspended because of a billing issue.

The email looks very legitimate on its face, even personalized with the subscriber’s name (where it says #name# in this example).

But the links in the message bring you here:

Looks a lot like Netflix, right? Only it’s not. If you look closely at the URL, it begins with Dead giveaway.

So when hapless subscribers update their billing info as instructed, BAM. Criminals have your credit card info.

So how would you even be able to tell before clicking? Mailguard’s #1 piece of advice:

“Always hover your mouse over links within emails and check the domain they’re pointing to. If they look suspicious or unfamiliar don’t open them.”

When in doubt, go straight to sites on your own without clicking on the links at all. It takes an extra minute, but better safe than sorry.

Stay on your toes, everyone!

[Image via Mailguard.]

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