Girlfriend Dumps Her Cheating Boyfriend, Woman Overhears And Live Tweets It

When Twitter was created, the intention was for it to be a glorified social media platform where the highly-educated could converse. Instead, it became the home of scandalous short stories inspired by society. With an endless stream of bizarre things happening on a daily basis, it is no surprise that there are on average 6,000 new tweets every second.

Contributing to this incessant stream of updates is Ashe Dryden, who took to Twitter to share a shocking conversation that she unwittingly become involved in whilst innocently sat in a coffee shop. The insane nature of the story prompted it to go viral instantly… Dryden, a “former White House fellow” and “prolific writer”, didn’t hesitate in sharing the peculiar story with her 18,500 followers. “Omg” she wrote, before launching in to the story in a series of tweets which Twitter users couldn’t get enough of. Dryden had unintentionally got caught up in a fiery exchange between a couple, where the girlfriend had just learned of her boyfriend’s infidelity. The girlfriend was holding no prisoners as she began to dress her (safe to assume ex) partner down… The conversation, which would have been awkward enough in the privacy of their own home, was uncomfortably played out in the coffee shop with little regard for the fellow patrons at the establishment. Rather than be irritated by the heated conversation taking place right next to her, Dryden chose to use it as material for a story more sensational than anything ever penned by Jane Austen. The couple were clearly oblivious to the fact that their conversation could be overhead, or maybe they knew, but simply didn’t care. They had much more important issues to attend to… Dryden couldn’t help but be impressed by the seething girlfriend who kept her cool throughout the conversation, despite the fact that her long-term boyfriend had been cheating on her. Nonchalantly munching on her chocolate cake, and her boyfriend’s heart, the girl continued to keep it together. Just when you thought the girlfriend couldn’t get anymore cool about the situation, she does. This boy is going to regret having let her slip by. Clearly under pressure, the exposed boyfriend is struggling to think of a valid excuse as his girlfriend lays into him, and her piece of chocolate cake simultaneously. When quizzed about his motives, the boyfriend is unable to compose a reason. But, rather than let him and his sad and sorry face leave, the girlfriend choses to have a little fun with his emotions. It’s only fair after all. Clueless to the extent of the lie he has been caught up in, the boyfriend begs his girlfriend to stay. But, she has no intention of doing such a thing. This girl is good. The ruthless girlfriend then begins to explain her plans to “find someone new right away”, just to drive the knife in a little deeper. “[I’ll] be happy while you’ll still be a cheating loser,” she says, venomously. The steaming girlfriend then resorts to using her boyfriends christian name: Brad. “Of course his name is Brad,” writes an amused Dryden. Getting her revenge, the girlfriend turns aggressive with her word choices by audibly calling her pitiful partner “a small, sad man.” At this point it is easy to get confused as to whether the girlfriend is happy or sad about the events. “I’m going out tonight and gonna do body shots,” she says, proving that it is likely the latter. At this point, Dryden choses to take a picture to illustrate her predicament. It is now very clear how close she is to the feuding couple, who have chosen a rather unconventional place to host their sensational breakup. Now is where the story becomes really outrageous, because the pair have been together for FIVE years. For an entire five years this girl has been lied to by the man she thought she loved. After a breakup, it is hard to see each other again, something that the girlfriend is already anticipating. “So you need to move to another city or location,” she says. From this Dryden presumes they work in the same office, which appears to be confirmed by her boyfriend’s response: “I’m not gonna do that, the CEO position is open.” “Swear to god if this guy is her boss I hope she destroys him,” writes Dryden excitedly. But, then the conversation takes another turn when the girlfriend brings up Stacy, who we can only presume is the other woman. “I really hope that this woman and Stacy become bffs [best friends forever] after this,” Dryden writes. It would appear that she may have foreshadowed the future, as the woman confirms that her and Stacy have already bonded over their mutual heartbreak. To add a savage twist to the story, the woman then pays the bill for the pair as a final farewell to their doomed relationship. Bizarrely, the boyfriend now seems to have found his voice. But, when he uses it the words come out all wrong. “I can send you an email after I think about this some more?” he asks. AN EMAIL. This girl is lucky to be escaping! Clearly finished with the conversation, the humiliated boyfriend makes a move to leave. Where he is going to go, nobody knows as he certainly doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore. To finish the story, the couple walked out together. Their stories are to continue without the assistance of Twitter. Love clearly wasn’t lost in that coffee shop on that particular day, but an incredible Twitter story was born. Remember this for next time you have to breakup with someone, if it doesn’t go Twitter viral, did it really happen?! Good luck! If that isn’t particularly your style, then why not do it the modern way and install cameras to catch your cheating partner? That is just what this husband did, and it makes for painful viewing:

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