Hannity Opens Trump Jr. Interview With Attack On ‘Overpaid, Lazy’ Media

Sean Hannity kicked off his Tuesday night show interviewing Donald Trump Jr. with a scathing attack on the mainstream media, calling members of the press overpaid, lazy, rigid, left-wing ideologues.

The Fox News host sat down with the presidents eldest son, who hadtweeted out an email exchangefrom last year that showed he was connected with a Kremlin-linked lawyer who said she had damaging information obtained by the Russian government about then-presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

Hannity, known for his unwavering support of President Donald Trump, was the first to interview Trump Jr. about the emails and his meeting with the Russian lawyer. Knowing that a large audience would tune in, he used the opportunity to attack the media for their coverage of the presidents administration and failure to report on what Hannity considered more important stories.

Do you members of this corrupt media, do you even know about these stories? Hannity asked as he credited news organizations like Politico for reporting on the very issues he said went ignored.

You have zero credibility left, he later added.

Hannity also singled at MSNBCs Joe Scarborough for his coverage of the president, calling the host Liberal Joe. On Tuesday, Scarborough announced he was leaving the Republican Partyand would register as an independent.

In response to Hannitys comments about the members of the mainstream media being overpaid, folks on Twitter were quick to point out that the Fox News host is one of the highest paid and most-watched hosts on cable news.

Before his show ended, Hannity doubled down on his attack of the media, saying members of the press deserve it.

Watch the full monologue in the video above.

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