Harvey Weinstein Was Almost Arrested By The NYPD In 2015 For Sexual Assault Hear Audio From The Sting Operation!

Ronan Farrow wasn’t the only one working to expose Harvey Weinstein.

In fact, the NYPD was this close to busting the slimeball by setting up a sting operation with one of his accusers back in 2015.

Italian model Ambra Battilana (above) had agreed to record her conversation with the indie film producer on March 28, 2015 when the two met at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, just a day after she accused Weinstein of groping her breasts prodding his hand under her skirt.

In the audio recording, which was obtained and published by the New Yorker in Tuesday’s bombshell exposé, Weinstein can be heard profusely apologizing to Battilana and coercing her into coming up to his hotel room.

An NYPD officer with knowledge of the case revealed to The Daily Beast that officers were on the scene and had hoped to catch the movie mogul in the act so they could arrest him on the spot.

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But due to safety concerns, Battilana backed out at the last second and the pair returned downstairs where the captured argument was had. Weinstein was reportedly soon picked up by the detectives and taken in for questioning.

Battilana, one of the eight women who allegedly received a settlement from the producer detailed in last week’s New York Times report, first met Weinstein at a show he was producing in New York on March 2015. The entertainment mogul reportedly introduced himself to her and told her again and again that she looked like Mila Kunis.

He scheduled a meeting with the aspiring actress the following day through her agency. She was sitting on the couch in his Tribeca office when he started staring at her breasts and asked if they were real.

Battilana told authorities that shortly after, Weinstein lunged at her, groped her breasts, and tried to put his hand under her skirt. She said that he eventually stopped and then invited her to see Finding Neverland on Broadway with him the following night.

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The model never showed up for the performance — instead, she went to file a police report at an NYPD station over the alleged abuse. Working with undercover officers, Battilana arranged to meet Weinstein again at the Tribeca Grand.

Wearing a wire to record her conversation with the alleged groper, Battilana caught Weinstein asking her up to his hotel room to watch him shower. After some protesting by the producer, she agreed to go upstairs — but changed her mind in the hallway and begged him to let her leave.

Hear the tense conversation for yourself (below):

It’s all over now, Harvey.

[Image via Instagram/Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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