Jared Kushner is registered to vote in New York as a woman

Jared Kushner wondering how many forms he's messed up in his lifetime.
Image: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Today’s surreal revelation surrounding the Trump family is that Jared Kushner — you know, the husband of Ivanka who used his private email account to conduct White House business — is apparently registered to vote in New York as a woman.

First reported by Wired, Mashable obtained public records that confirm Jared Corey Kushner’s gender is listed as female on his New York voter registration. 

It’s very likely a minor clerical error, and it would be funny if the Trump administration wasn’t also spending public money on investigating non-existent voter fraud. And also if there weren’t documented cases of other people not being able to vote because of minor clerical errors.

The documents also show that his registration was last used to vote on Nov. 25, 2016 — the most recent presidential election if memory serves us.

Image: Lexis-nexis

Perhaps Kushner didn’t understand the simple question he was being asked when filling out his registration form back in 2009? But based on Kushner and squad’s track records, the filing was likely an accidental clerical error.

Back in July Kushner incorrectly filled out security clearance forms not once, not twice, but an impressive three times. The reasoning behind the initial mishap, in which Kushner failed to disclose his foreign contacts? Well according to The Washington Post’sJamie Gorelick, one of Kushner’s attorneys said the document had been prematurely submitted.”

It’s also more than a little ironic, considering this makes him the second Trump family member to perhaps be committing voter fraud, a cause that we know is near and dear to Trump Sr.’s heart. 

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