Meghan King Edmonds And Kelly Dodds Are Embroiled In The Pettiest Feud

Housewives… they’re just like us! And by “like us,”  I mean that they resort to posting shit on Instagram to fix all of life’s problems. I guess it doesn’t matter how old you are. A long, rambling caption filled with emojis about how much you love your significant other can really heal all wounds—just ask Meghan King Edmonds.

On the most recent , Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds both accused each other of being shady bitches and cheating on their respective partners, via text message, obvs. Because no Housewives fight is legitimate until at least one of the participants takes it to one of the various talk shows about reality TV, Kelly went to E!’s to get more attention explain what happened.

Kelly was basically like, “Meghan is so boring. And I didn’t even bring up the rumors about her affair. Like, I really didn’t. Well, I guess I am now.” Or, if you’re looking for the video footage:

This is literally the most boring Housewives drama I’ve heard since spent almost an entire season on Ramona and Sonja fighting over rooms on cast trips. Yawn. At least you’ve gotta give Kelly points for trying to drag a bitchy text message into a full-on plot line. Homegirl’s going through a divorce, so she probably has a book or something coming out that she’s trying to start up some publicity for.

Meghan responded the way any college sophomore who had a random girl in her sorority try to tell her that her boyfriend has been cheating on her would. (Even though, technically was the one accused of cheating, if you’re following this. Kelly said Meghan was her husband’s mistress and destroyed his second marriage.) Anyway, Meghan posted a cheesy wedding anniversary post about how great her relationship is with her husband, mentioning that they both totally forgot it was their anniversary because they’re like so in love. Ugh, spare me.

Someone needs to hold this woman to a strict emoji limit; this looks like what one of my stay-at-home-mom friends posts on Facebook to advertise her MLM scheme small business. E! reported that “a source” (aka, probably a direct email from Meghan’s personal account) denies Kelly’s claims, as one does. Meghan’s husband also spoke to E! to call the claims “ridiculous”, because clearly these two grown-ass women can’t fight their own battles. That they started. I know, too much logic. 

Meghan and Kelly are shockingly no longer friends, and Meghan previously told that it was going to be an interesting reunion, which, it better be. The reunion airs Monday at 9pm, so like, check back in Tuesday.

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