Trump decries immigrants from ‘shithole countries’ coming to US

January 16, 2018

… June that people coming from Haiti “all have AIDS,” that recent Nigerian immigrants would never “go back to their huts” in Africa and that Afghanistan is a terrorist haven. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders denied at the time that Trump had made the comments and cited denials from several of the meeting’s attendees. More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic Recommended ProductsIntelligent Inspector-3-In-1 Ecom Spying …


It’s Official: China Has Put An End To Its Legal Ivory Trade

January 11, 2018

… of ivory’s great patrons in the world is now turning its back on the trade. “This ban alone won’t end the poaching of elephants. It’s equally critical that China’s neighbors follow suit and shut down ivory markets across Asia. Only then can we ensure the open trade doesn’t simply shift to other countries and offer traffickers safe channels for newly-poached ivory,” added Hemley.  “The fate of Africa’s elephants depends on global …


The US Flirts With Geoengineering to Stymie Climate Change

January 4, 2018

… drought in north-central Africa in the process. At the moment, no scientist is flying around in the stratosphere dumping out sulfur dioxide. They’re working with models and, conveniently enough, studying historical precedent—because the same sort of cooling happens when a massive volcano erupts. In 1912, for instance, an Alaskan volcano popped 30 cubic kilometers of ash and debris into the atmosphere. The next year was the only year on record without a hurricane, which is in …


You Can Travel To Iceland For $99 In 2018, So Get Ready To Book A Trip

December 27, 2017

… India Namibia, Africa Washington D.C. New Zealand Nicaragua Based on airfare from major airports, excursion costs, budgets accommodations, and “overall destination caché,” the website was able to determine the top 10 locations that promise a good time without the hefty cost. Still looking for ways to save? We have your answers. Jeff Klee, the CEO of tells Elite Daily, Flying mid-week and in the off-season will offer best value for money overall. To keep costs …