North Korea Accidentally Bombed One Of Their Own Cities, New Report Claims

January 16, 2018

… apparent that 2018 could be about to get a lot worse – in fact, it already has. According to The Diplomat, an online magazine based in Tokyo which focusses predominantly on the culture in the Asia-Pacific region, North Korea has started the New Year with a bang – to their dignity – after the truth about a failed missile launch in 2017 was exposed to the world. The incident allegedly occurred on April 28, 2017, after North Korea launched a single missile from Pukchang …


It’s Official: China Has Put An End To Its Legal Ivory Trade

January 11, 2018

… of ivory’s great patrons in the world is now turning its back on the trade. “This ban alone won’t end the poaching of elephants. It’s equally critical that China’s neighbors follow suit and shut down ivory markets across Asia. Only then can we ensure the open trade doesn’t simply shift to other countries and offer traffickers safe channels for newly-poached ivory,” added Hemley.  “The fate of Africa’s elephants depends on global …


Apparently Penis Whitening Is Now a Thing

January 10, 2018

The Lelux Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, is currently offering a skin whitening treatment in a less than conventional place. The thought of it might make you wince but penis whitening turns out to be surprisingly popular in Southeast Asia with clients apparently traveling from as far as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. According to Bunthita Wattanasiri, who manages the skin and laser department at the hospital, the clinic sees roughly 100 men for the procedure every month. “These days a …


Climate Change Could Take the Air Out of Wind Farms

January 8, 2018

… winds and storm systems, is shrinking as the Arctic warms. A warmer Arctic means less of a temperature difference and therefore weaker winds across the central United States, the United Kingdom, the northern Middle East, and parts of Asia. It's just one of many weather-related effects that scientists forecast are likely to occur as concentrations of heat-trapping carbon dioxide continue to rise in the Earth's atmosphere—from stronger hurricanes to weaker polar vortexes. …


Fitch Upgrades Philippines in Win for Duterte’s Economic Plans

January 1, 2018

Fitch Ratings raised the Philippines sovereign rating in a boost for President Rodrigo Duterte’s economic plans, which include a tax reform that’s set to strengthen the fiscal outlook. The rating on the nation’s long-term foreign currency-denominated debt was raised one level to BBB with a stable outlook, Fitch said in a statement on Monday. The upgrade puts the Philippines on par with Italy and ahead of Indonesia. Despite the …