Democrats Release Fusion GPS Testimony on Trump and Russia

January 14, 2018

Senate Democrats on Tuesday released the transcripts from a closed-door Senate Judiciary interview with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson as part of the committees Russia probe. Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a Republican, had previously denied multiple Democratic requests to make public the transcripts. Among the highlights from within the transcripts: Simpson claimed that the FBI informed Trump dossier author Christopher Steele that the bureau had a walk-in whistleblower from within the …


Climate Change Could Take the Air Out of Wind Farms

January 8, 2018

… “Our results don’t show the wind power goes to zero, it’s a reduction of 10 percent over broad regions,” says Kristopher Karnauskas, a climate scientist at Colorado University Boulder and lead author of the new study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience. “But it’s not trivial.” Wind derives its energy from instability between regions of the globe—in the Northern hemisphere, from instability between the equator and North Pole. …


Some of that explosive book on Trump will be proved wrong. Here’s what won’t.

January 7, 2018

Donald and Melania Trump return to Washington DC on January 1.Image: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/REX/Shutterstock It’s safe to say that Fire and Fury, which lived up to its title in the way it hit bookstores Friday, is not the most rigorously fact-checked book in history.  The author of the tome that has set Washington ablaze, Michael Wolff, has a reputation from his New York media columnist days for “reconstructing” conversations with his subjects inaccurately. And it …


Woman Celebrates Incredible 300lbs Weight Loss With Racy Photo With Husband

December 23, 2017

… & hit my next goal of 175!’ she revealed. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable & always push yourself to step out of your comfort zone! Let’s finish 2017 strong.” If Lexi and Danny’s doesn’t inspire you to smash your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, I don’t know what will. However, if you’re needing a little more motivation, check out author Charles D’Angelo’s weight loss transformation success story below! …


“Man Flu” Is A Real Thing, According To Researchers

December 21, 2017

… times gone by – the author concludes in a rather jarring fashion. “Perhaps now is the time for male-friendly spaces, equipped with enormous televisions and reclining chairs, to be set up where men can recover from the debilitating effects of man flu in safety and comfort.” More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic Recommended ProductsHugh’s Twitworkz Mastery Twitworkz Following Builder is an amazing tool for auto-building your Twitter …


Manson Family Leader Charles Manson Dead At 83

December 17, 2017

… imaginations for what brutal things were going to be done. In an odd way I see them as much more dangerous individuals.” Manson’s prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, author of the 1974 book Helter Skelter, died at age 80 in 2015. Bugliosi made his feelings clear in a 2009 interview with Time, when asked if he was sorry Manson was not executed. Download More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic Recommended ProductsTube Rank Machine …


The Invisible War Zone: 5 Ways Children Of Narcissistic Parents Self-Destruct In Adulthood

December 10, 2017

… mistreatment, abandonment and/or any form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse (such as the type imposed by toxic, narcissistic parents) have been proven by research such as the Adverse Childhood Experiences study to leave an impact that is destructive and long-lasting. As trauma expert Bessel van Der Kolk, author of notes, our brains can literally be rewired for fear when it comes to childhood abuse. Studies have confirmed that parental verbal aggression has an impact on key areas of the …