North Korea Accidentally Bombed One Of Their Own Cities, New Report Claims

January 16, 2018

… descent following an engine failure, it is likely that this facility at Tokchon experienced a large explosion upon impact,” the magazine continues. “It’s impossible to verify if the incident caused any loss of life and, given the time of day the test occurred and the location of the impact, it may be likely that few, if any, casualties resulted from the incident.” However, looking closely at the Google imagery it is clear to see that the alleged landing site of the failed …


Senator Al Frankens Resignation Is Deeply Unfair

January 15, 2018

… looked pretty indefensible. And as for the Alabama connection, it might be this. Until Franken announced he was quitting, Democrats on Capitol Hill were being asked daily by reporters, But what about your own problems? Once Franken and Conyers were out, those questions stopped. The both sides do it narrative was cut off at the knees. The media focus returned solely to Moore, and while these things are definitionally unmeasurable, it may have had an impact on that outcome. But all thats …


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is “Seriously Considering” Running For President In 2020

January 10, 2018

… However, nobody truly took these celebrities too seriously. After all, Kanye did demand that Mark Zuckerberg pay him $1 billion on Twitter because he was broke, and, in the same breath, revealed his interest in running for the presidency. But when Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hinted that he might run for the job, people listened. “One day, and that day will come, I can impact the world through politics. The great news is that I am American, therefore I can become president. …


A 27-year-old died of cancer. Her final advice has the internet in tears.

January 9, 2018

… greatest times of my life.” Photo courtesy of Remembering Holly Butcher/Facebook, used with permission. Butcher may be gone, but her impact will live on in the hearts and minds of people around the world. “Never [met] her, but I am very touched and in tears,” one Facebook user commented. “Such a bright light for a seemingly dark world at times,” another chimed in. “Beautiful.” “What a wise soul she is,” someone concluded. …


Jeff Sessions Unleashes Federal Prosecutors On Legal Marijuana

January 9, 2018

… private citizens’ property in order to finance its backward ambitions.” The direct impact of the policy change is uncertain. It means that U.S. attorneys ― the chief federal law enforcer within their regional jurisdiction ― now have the attorney general’s blessing to aggressively pursue marijuana prosecutions. The U.S. has 94 U.S. attorneys. A senior Justice Department official said the message for the nation’s top federal prosecutors was that they …


14 Steps For Going Back To The Person You Were Before Them

January 8, 2018

… always be with them, and little pieces of them will always be with you. It’s okay they made an impact on your life, even if they didn’t stay. It’s okay that you loved so deeply. More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic Recommended ProductsViking PLR Bundle 2017 MK Viking PLR is an awesome collection of internet marketing related PLR packages each including a free report, an ebook, and a video course. These packages come with full private …


Trump plants trees to block CNN’s view of him golfing

January 6, 2018

… Trump’s frequent golfing by claiming the sport is a productive way of getting things done. “Idiots like this (who probably don’t play golf) have no clue how much business can be conducted on a golf course,” Flynn Jr. . Lest you think the planting of trees was an effort to offset the carbon impact of Trump’s frequent travels to his Winter White House, CNN noted that a white van was also used to obstruct the station’s view at that same spot earlier in the …


This woman’s nose could be the key to spotting Parkinson’s early.

January 2, 2018

… She could detect it on other Parkinson’s patients as well. Milne realized she could, in essence, smell Parkinson’s disease. This is amazing, because there is currently no definitive early test for Parkinson’s. The only way is to watch for symptoms, and by the time that happens, the disease has already started to impact the brain. Milne got in touch with scientists to let them know what she was experiencing. Now, Milne’s amazing nose might lead to a brand new …


A stranger found a lost library book and returned it with this heartwarming note.

December 30, 2017

… heads communications and marketing for the library. “I think that this is resonating with people so much because we live in a world where the news cycles are filled with contention and negative stories, and it’s refreshing to see a story that shows that people are inherently good.” This story proves that even a teeny, tiny act of kindness, in a small part of the country, can have a big impact. More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic …


You Can Travel To Iceland For $99 In 2018, So Get Ready To Book A Trip

December 27, 2017

… down, the best advice is always to avoid high season, wherever you travel. For example, shoulder season in Europe (March to April and September to October) will often give you deep discounts on flights and accommodation, and can be a better time to have a relaxing vacation. You should also keep in mind local festivals and holidays that might impact overall cost, limits on business hours, and numbers of tourists you can expect to encounter. There are certainly other ways to make sure you have a …


People Are Tweeting Their Old Screen Names In Honor Of AIM Dying & It’s So Funny

December 25, 2017

… name in sixth grade was laurenluvsgreen0 which was referring to the movement against climate change………my third eye’s been open for a while guys — (@laurbudd) # Even though most of us probably hadn’t thought much about AIM until we found out it would be leaving us, it’s always interesting (and sometimes a little sad) to see how much technology has changed throughout our lives. In a press release, AOL noted the impact that the service even had on some of …


Woman Celebrates Incredible 300lbs Weight Loss With Racy Photo With Husband

December 23, 2017

… “fatgirlfedup”. Now, the pair have amassed almost half a million followers, all of whom have been inspired by their unrecognizable transformation. “I never expected to have such an impact,” Lexi said. “I just wanted to get healthy.” So what was it that helped this couple to do what so many others have tried and failed to achieve? According to fitness trainer Latreal Mitchell, “A workout partner is key. Accountability is everything, he said …


Sophia, The World’s First Android Citizen, Says She Wants To Have A Baby

December 22, 2017

… chatbot software, designed to simulate human conversation rather than express her deepest heart’s desires.  Although some of her interviews and speeches use pre-prepared responses, she doesn’t always just regurgitate answers from a pre-programmed selection of sentences. She uses machine learning to experience and understand language without being explicitly programmed to. As Sophia explains on their website: “Every interaction I have with people has an impact on how I …


Online Dating Is A Hunting Ground For Narcissists And Sociopaths: How To Protect Yourself In The Modern Dating Age

December 19, 2017

… say, the effects of hookup culture can be alarming to the psyche and have a psychological impact on the way that we view relationships and intimacy in the modern age. Both younger and older generations alike are becoming accustomed to the idea of having another date or rebound at their fingertips, without having to do the inner work of healing from past relationships or working on their self-esteem. People can now latch themselves onto the next partner without taking the time to grieve …


Government loses key Brexit bill vote

December 17, 2017

… deselected. Skip Twitter post by @NadineDorries Tonight, the Tory rebels have put a spring in Labours step, given them a taste of winning, guaranteed the party a weekend of bad press, undermined the PM and devalued her impact in Brussels. They should be deselected and never allowed to stand as a Tory MP, ever again. — Nadine Dorries (@NadineDorries) December 13, 2017 Report End of Twitter post by @sarahwollaston The Tory rebels were Mr Grieve, Heidi Allen, Ken Clarke, Jonathan …