North Korea Accidentally Bombed One Of Their Own Cities, New Report Claims

January 16, 2018

If you thought that the turn of the New Year would see North Korea tone down their nuclear offensive on the rest of the world, then you were very much mistaken. Kim Jong-un has not, as we all hoped, made any resolutions to treat the people of this world with any respect and as such 2018 looks to be much the same as 2017 as far as a nuclear standoff goes. However, when you combine Donald Trump’s penchant for Twitter tirades and Kim Jong-un’s instability as a leader, it becomes …


Tech’s Latest Innovation Looks A Lot Like a Social Club

January 15, 2018

… Google and Facebook or venture capitalists recruiting them to startups—that he had to make “a very hard sell," he tells me. The final group includes several dozen established founders like Levchin, who has known Partovi since he was a contractor for Partovi’s first company, LinkExchange. (“He was legendary. He was 22 years old at the time,” says Partovi. “We all spoke of him with awe.”) The rest are midcareer technologists, people like Facebook …


A 27-year-old died of cancer. Her final advice has the internet in tears.

January 9, 2018

… “I’m off to donate my blood.” rest in peace, Holly. You made this world a better place. ❤️ If you are in the U.S. and inspired by Butcher’s message, consider finding a blood donation center near you. You could save a life. More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic Recommended ProductsSyndBuddy + X Ranker 360 (Agency) – qtr Guranteed 1st Page Rankings EVERY SINGLE TIME!CONVERSION GORILLA Use Conversion Gorilla to boost …


Climate Change Could Take the Air Out of Wind Farms

January 8, 2018

… "That’s why we have a constant parade of weather systems," says Karnauskas. "They are there because of this contrast in energy between the equator and the pole. Because the Arctic is warming so much faster than the rest of the world, you can imagine how it changes the gradient." Down under, things are likely to be different. Under some climate change prediction models, the Southern Hemisphere will see stronger winds because the difference in southern land and sea …


Some of that explosive book on Trump will be proved wrong. Here’s what won’t.

January 7, 2018

… more than Trump. We know the man gets apoplectic and repetitious about one thing above all else: disloyalty. Fire and Fury will fuel his red-faced rages for months. The fact that he attempted to slap a cease-and-desist on the publishers is disquieting — only authoritarian regimes try to ban books — but it does clue us in to how much damage is being done. But it’s the book’s effect on the rest of Washington that really matters. For the better part of a year,  most GOP …


Why are people sharing this photo?

January 7, 2018

… Photographs of Jay Smith’s grandparents provoked a warm reaction. The couple lived in the Toxteth area of Liverpool. Jay from Durham said his grandmother “chose love over ignorance and bigotry”. Skip Twitter post by @jstands4jay Total respect for you both. My nan was disowned by her family in the early 50's for marrying my grandad who originally came from Nigeria (she was from Co. Mayo) She chose love over ignorance and bigotry and the rest is history #diversity …


The Royal Family Have Banned Prince George & Princess Charlotte From Playing With These Toys

January 5, 2018

… consequence? Apparently not. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are not immune to the strict rules that influence the rest of their family. However, their rules come in a slightly different form… The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not shy to admit that they plan to raise their children as normal as possible. This decision is no doubt influenced by the late Princess Diana’s approach – how could we forget that she scandalously allowed her sons to wear denim?! But despite …


Jimmy Kimmel’s baby son had a second heart surgery

January 4, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel will be taking a break this week to spend time with his family following his son Billy’s successful second heart surgery.  According to ABC News, the late night host will have the help of various guest hosts filling in for him this week so he can be with his family during the 7-month-old’s recovery process.  SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel addresses his Twitter exchange with Roy Moore Chris Pratt took over the show on Monday, and for the rest of the week, Tracee Ellis …


The FCC Says Net Neutrality Cripples Investment. That’s Not True

January 2, 2018

… the company delayed the widespread launch of its Xfinity Instant TV service (formerly known as Stream TV) by 18 months due to an FCC investigation related to the net-neutrality rules. Identifying the Cause In other cases, it’s even harder to discern investment trends. At AT&T, for example, capital expenditures overall declined, excluding its acquisition of DirecTV. But the company doesn't disclose spending on its consumer internet business, as opposed to the rest of its empire, so …


Is This Marine Veteran the Next Doug Jones?

December 31, 2017

… candidate to challenge Murphy in 2016, believe that they have a shot at winning this district back due to the strength of their candidate, a weaker Republican opponent, and a national climate that spells a wave for the party in next years elections. Their hopes rest on 33-year-old veteran Conor Lamb, a former assistant U.S. attorney selected by local Democrats to be their standard-bearer last month. Each party has their base, but you have a guy like Conor who is going to have a lot of …


Christian Bale shares why white men should step aside in favor of diverse voices.

December 29, 2017

… line. More immigrants. More of everyone who makes this country so unique and beautiful. And please — at least for a while — fewer white men making decisions for the rest of us. More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : TrendingTraffic Recommended ProductsWP Contentio – Basic (1 site license) WP Contentio – The last content creation solution you’ll need.Videlligence Personal License Welcome to Videlligence. The world’s first platform that TURNS any product page …


5 years after Sandy Hook, the victims have not been forgotten

December 28, 2017

… “rest in Peace, sweetheart. I know for sure that God is with you and all the other sweet little angels. I feel so very sorry for all these families who lost their precious kids, my heart goes out to all of you.” Jessica Rekos, 6 Jessica loved everything about horses — horse movies, horse books, drawing horses and writing stories about them. She asked Santa this year for new cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. Her family had promised she could get her own horse when she …


Trump Wins Tax Cuts, Kids Lose Health Insurance

December 27, 2017

… lawmakers also were celebrating a major legislative win at the precise moment when the rest of the legislative docket remains stagnant. Shortly before they gathered with Trump to applaud the slashing of taxes, news broke that theyd failed to advance a bill that would re-authorize a program providing healthcare to 9 million children. Senate aides told The Daily Beast they expected the debate over funding the program, CHIP, to be resolved sometime in January. But that is just one of the many …


PERMISSION Official Trailer 2017 Dan Stevens, Comedy, Romance Movie HD

December 26, 2017

Recommended Products Synopsis / Plot: A woman on the brink of a marriage proposal is told by a friend that she should date other men before spending the rest of her life with her boyfriend. Original title: Permission Year: 2017 Running time: 96 min. Country: United States Director: Brian Crano Screenwriter: Brian Crano Cinematography: Adam Bricker Cast: Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens, Gina Gershon, François Arnaud, Morgan Spector, David Joseph Craig, Jason Sudeikis, Sarah Steele, Michelle Hurst, …