Twitter imagines who else could have possibly been at Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting

Donald Trump Jr. delivers a speech for the opening of Trump International Tower and Hotel in Canada.
Image: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

The world is slowly piecing together more and more of the puzzle that is Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016. A cascade of revelations on Friday made it clear that the gathering wasn’t as intimate as first suggested. In fact, the latest reports say at least eight ( !!! ) people attended

On Friday, The Associated Press reported that Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin also attended the meeting with publicist Rob Goldstone, who helped set everything up. In addition to those two, CNN reported the meeting included Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, and at least two other people in the room.

Okay. But how many people actually attended this thing? Nine? Ten? Perhaps, to quote Mean Girls character Cady Heron, “The limit does not exist.”

After the New York Times obtained emails that showed Trump Jr. arranging a meeting with the Russian lawyer to gain insight about Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr. published them on Twitter for all to see and the world thought, for a brief peaceful second: “OK, maybe that’s all the information.”

But like a Russian nesting doll, the number of bodies present at Trump Jr.’s meeting somehow keeps multiplying. Once the internet got wind of the latest new member, Twitter users began to wonder who else was secretly in attendance….

While the staggered revelation of the meeting’s total number of attendees is a bit confusing and possibly not over! there’s no denying Trump Jr.’s meeting drew a very bigly turnout, one that would’ve made dad proud.

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