When Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her, She Had The Perfect Response That Is Sending The Internet Wild

Breakups are never easy, especially when you didn’t see it coming. Suddenly all your future plans are thrown into turmoil as you realize that you are going to have to face them alone.

For Emma Vowell, that realization was particularly difficult as she’d just spent a small fortune on two skydiving tickets as a surprise birthday present for her now ex-boyfriend. When he broke up with her a few days before his birthday, Vowell was heartbroken but determined not to let the expensive tickets go to waste. So, she formed a rather unconventional plan, to help her source a replacement for her boyfriend, who was “so devastated” when he learned of the surprise present he’d lost. Little did Vowell know she was about to get the ultimate revenge… Newly single, she downloaded Tinder. But her intention wasn’t to mournfully browse the app in pursuit of a new boyfriend. Instead, she chose to use the dating platform as a way to recruit a “hot guy” to join her on the skydiving adventure above the Chicago skyline. The 19-year-old sophomore at Purdue University in Indiana didn’t have any time for self pity. She was a woman on a mission, who wasn’t going to let her recent break up destroy her skydiving trip. So, she did what any reasonable person would and advertised for an adrenaline junkie to join her, via her Tinder bio. She wasn’t disappointed… The first to take the bait was Austin, who stated his interest. Not ready to simply forfeit the ticket, Vowell played hard to get. “Just need it to be someone interesting,” she replied when Austin asked what she was looking for in her skydiving partner. Clearly not shy, Austin offered to send his “resume in the morning”. Vowell, still guarded, also requested that he “attach a cover letter while you’re at it.” The next morning, when Vowell checked her email inbox, she found that Austin had fulfilled his promise… Austin, a 22-year-old, 5th year student, had clearly dedicated a great deal of time to his application. “If you are looking for an attractive guy to go skydiving with, who understands that it’ll be a purely platonic evening then look no further,” he wrote, confidently. Clearly not a freeloader, Austin offered payment by way of free lifts to “class/exams/bars for a week” in his “doorless Jeep.” If that wasn’t satisfactory, he also offered something no girl could refuse: access to his dog, a “German Shepherd/Husky mix”. Explaining the deal, he wrote: “I will let you pet, walk with, or send you pictures of any time your heart desires”. Signing off the covering letter, the young romantic wrote: “I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions of would like to arrange an interview.” But, did she? Vowell received 50 more applications from equally persistent young men. One even found her on LinkedIn to apply directly. But she couldn’t stop thinking about Austin. So, she decided to text him the good news… Meanwhile, Vowell had been updating Twitter with the progress of her mission. Understandably, the unique story went instantly viral, with thousands of users hoping that the pair would make it official. However, both Vowell and Austin, who met for the first time on Wednesday, made it clear that they will both be nothing more than “friends”. “I think the most we are going to be is skydiving partners,” Austin said, whilst Vowell explained: “This is going to be a very platonic relationship.” The pair are scheduled to go skydiving on October 28th, but in the mean time it would appear they have a very promising friendship ahead of them. But, that isn’t all they have to look forward to… As news spread of the success story, Tinder, the dating app that connected the pair reached out to offer them both a job. “Tinder loves working with creative people like you and Austin. How does a job with Tinder sound? (we’re serious, dm us),” the company wrote. We wish the couple the very best, whether they choose to take their relationship to the next level, or keep it friendly. We bet that her ex-boyfriend is kicking himself now!

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